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Gailey: Donald is a 'Huge' Problem for Jets O-Line

Jets OC and ST Coordinator Brant Boyer Addressed the Media Thursday

Just one week after lining up against Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh, the Jets offensive line has an even tougher task in blocking DT Aaron Donald. Not only does Donald lead the Rams with 5.0 sacks, 12.0 tackles for loss and 19 QB hits, but he's debatably the best defensive player in the NFL. Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey tipped his cap to the 6'1", 285-pounder, saying he presents a "huge" problem for the O-line.

"He's always going forward. I mean, there's no sideways to this guy," Gailey said. "Even when he's moving sideways, like the great receivers and running backs that jump-cut and they're moving forward, even when he's going sideways he's going forward. He really has a unique twitch about him that allows him to do that and rush the passer. He's special."

Special teams coordinator Brant Boyer addressed the media for the first time since Sunday's lackluster performance. Dolphins KR Kenyan Drake's 96-yard kick return touchdown ended up being the decisive points in the Jets' 27-23 loss. Drake's return came on a rekick after Jets S Antonio Allen was flagged for being offsides.

"I think 19 [Jakeem Grant] is a really, really good player and he just about broke one on us in the previous deal," Boyer explained. "We had a five-yard penalty on the offside and the rekick. So we decided to mortar it to the other side. It was a lesser of two evils in my opinion. We had the front side stopped. We had talked all week about what Drake liked to do and was going to bounce it to the other side. But it was more of a lesser evil and we didn't kick it through the end zone because we had the five-yard penalty. That's the decision we made and didn't get the job done. We let our team down and that's on me."

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