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Fun Facts About Jets' Third Round Selection

Alabama WR ArDarius Stewart Played Both Sides of the Ball in High School


1. Star PowerAt Fultondale high school, Stewart was known as "Star-Darius," but now goes by "Stew."

"I mean, it stuck. You guys threw it out there and it stuck," Stewart said in an interview. "I have people at the University of Alabama that still see me walking on campus and say 'Hey Stardarius'. Pretty much all of my teammates call me Stew. Or I've been called Red, Big Red."

2. Leaving His MarkStewart's last collegiate contribution was a 24-yard pass in the College Football Playoff.

"I played high school quarterback, so I still got it in me," he told Eric Allen. "The coaches had enough trust in me to throw the ball and I did what I could. I just credit it to them trusting me and letting me try to lead my team."

3. Jack of All TradesA two-way player in high school, the 5'11", 204-pounder played safety, quarterback and wide receiver in high school. He also returned kicks, averaging 20.1 yards per return in 2016.

4. For the FamilyStewart was on the fence of returning to Alabama for another year, but declared for the Draft once the NFL Draft Advisory Committee graded him as a potential second rounder. He also decided to turn pro to take care of his two children and rest of his family.

5. Chopping WoodLast season, Stewart sprained his knee against Ole Miss Sep. 17 and instead of going to the locker room, he paced the sideline with an ax. The ax represents a message Stewart delivered to his teammates in 2015 — "We're asassins."

"We're the ones who come down when you need something clutch, we're going down there, [getting] the ball, sacrificing our bodies, all that," Stewart said in an interview with Bleacher Report. "I consider the receivers assassins, and I tell them that all the time."

Top Photos of the Alabama WR and No. 79 Overall Selection

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