FULL RECAP: Jets vs. Giants

Full Game Recap from our Preseason Week 3 Home Loss to the Giants

Ready to take the field for Fri. night lights at @MLStadium. Here's a look inside the tunnel- http://t.co/cMAhRhcE2c pic.twitter.com/QKjNbWlALv — New York Jets (@nyjets) August 22, 2014

Broken record, but Geno just keeps seeing the field better and better. Really comfortable on that strike to Decker for 27. Good eyes. — Eric Allen (@eallenjets) August 23, 2014

.@nickfolk2 puts it through from 31 yards to give the Jets a 3-0 lead with 1:58 left in the 1st Q #NYGvsNYJ — New York Jets (@nyjets) August 23, 2014

Touchdown! @J_ACER22 scores his 1st pro TD on a 1-yd pass from @GenoSmith7 to cap off 7-play drive. 10-0, Jets #NYGvsNYJ — New York Jets (@nyjets) August 23, 2014

Play action out of the 2-back set for a TD. Geno with an easy toss to Amaro. Whole building thought 33, but Marty goes 88. Pretty. 10-0. — Eric Allen (@eallenjets) August 23, 2014

Mo Wilkerson chases down Eli Manning, swats ball out of his grasp, ball hops out of bounds. It's a 14-yd sack, Wilk's first of preseason. — Randy Lange (@rlangejets) August 23, 2014

TOUCHDOWN! @EricDecker87 finds the end zone for the 1st time in Green & White on a 3yd pass from @MikeVick. We retake a 17-14 lead #NYGvsNYJ — New York Jets (@nyjets) August 23, 2014

Hopefully the 1st of many for Decker. What an impressive backfield. Ivory & CJ dominant tonight. — Eric Allen (@eallenjets) August 23, 2014

TOUCHDOWN! Simms fires an 11-yd TD to @GregSalas1 to cap off an 82-yard drive. We retake a 24-21 lead with 10:50 left in the 4th...#JetUp! — New York Jets (@nyjets) August 23, 2014

After completing the TD pass to Salas, QB Matt Simms broke out a celebration dance to the delight of the referee.

We've also had 5 lead changes in this game, another first in the 46-year summer history of Jets-Giants. — Randy Lange (@rlangejets) August 23, 2014

Our final score from @MLStadium: Jets 24, Giants 35 pic.twitter.com/uMmcmaqd6Q — New York Jets (@nyjets) August 23, 2014

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