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Flight Crew Auditions Are in the Air


One of the great sidebars for me as editor-in-chief of * *has been to see the development of the New York Jets Flight Crew over the past two seasons. It's been great for Eric Allen and me to write and edit stories about and blogs from each of the young women and to see the growth of this group of performers and the dynamic they have with Jets fans and in the metropolitan area market.

Season 2, which began a year ago, featured an expansion to 22 members, auditions, the introduction of new uniforms designed by Marc Ecko Enterprises, an ESPN "This Is SportsCenter" commercial, various photo shoots ... and of course their energetic performances at the 10 games of the 2008 season.

That season is in the books, and ahead is Season 3, which is already taking shape. I've been hearing that we'll have a Flight Crew audition announcement for you on this page soon, on or about March 16. There will be another set of preliminary and semifinal rounds for prospective candidates, all leading up to a final round that will crown the lucky and skilled members of the 2009 Flight Crew.

Be sure to check back here on the Flight Crew home page in the coming weeks for details on auditions and an application form, as well as signup information for Jets Flight Crew Prep Class dates, times and locations.

Going "Toe-to-Toe" with Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie of the Flight Crew did a cool video piece on the typical Flight Crew workout routine with Michael from To see the four-minute piece, click here.

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