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FILM REVIEW: Ivory & 3rd Down Dominance

Jets RB Chris Ivory Showcases His Versatility While Todd Bowles & Kacy Rodgers Continue to Keep Teams Off-Balance on 3rd Down


Ivory's Skills on Full Display
Chris Ivory posted his third 100-yard rushing effort of the season against the Titans as the Jets totaled 183 yards on the ground in Sunday's win. Ivory, who is 86 yards shy of reaching 1,000 for the first time in his career, is more than just a hard-charging, violent runner.

The Block1st Quarter, 0-0
1st-and-10 from TEN 16
It is not very often that Brandon Marshall is on the sideline, but the Jets are in a 3-WR set on 1st down and No. 15 is not to be found. Ryan Fitzpatrick operates out of the gun and is flanked by FB Tommy Bohanon to the right and Chris Ivory to the left. The Titans counter in nickel formation with 1-safety high and Fitzpatrick goes play action to Ivory. Fitz does an excellent job with his eyes, keeping the high safety occupied while Eric Decker – who has right side of the field to himself – gains inside leverage. Fitz throws a rope and the Jets finishing their opening drive in style.

But lost amidst the TD is Ivory delivering a fine block on Titans DL Jurrell Casey. The 6'1", 305-pound Casey used a club move to get a beat on Fitzpatrick, but Ivory stepped right in there and made a clean throw possible.

The Patience2nd Quarter, Jets Up 13-0
1st-and-10 from NYJ 28
Ivory is lined 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage as the Jets employ another 3-WR set. TE Kellen Davis is lined to the left off the LOS with the Titans in nickel and a single-safety high. With the other safety inching up, the Titans end up with 7 players in the box while the Green & White have 6 (OL Davis). Operating out of the gun, Fitzpatrick delivers a handoff to Ivory. He attacks middle, but there is no hole and the Titans fail to set the edge to Ivory's right. He displays his excellent vision, bouncing outside and then blazing up the home sideline. The 6'4", 230-pound Brandon Marshall, who recorded his 8th 100-yard receiving day of the season, helps out down the field with a pair of blocks.

Creating ChaosTodd Bowles and Kacy Rodgers went in the lab before facing talented rookie QB Marcus Mariota. They threw some new wrinkles early at Mariota as the Green & White posted a shutout in the 1st half.
1st Quarter, Jets Up 7-0
3rd-and-5 from NYJ 48

Linebacker Quartet
Demario Davis typically plays inside, but the Jets have him lined up at rush 'backer. Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson are down at the DE spots, but the Jets are crowding the LOS with 7 defenders. Jamari Lattimore and David Harris are both lined up over center in a pressure look and S Calvin Pryor is lined up outside of OLB Lorenzo Mauldin. Mariota motions TE Delanie Walker – his No. 1 receiving target – in to help protection and the Titans have to hurry to get the snap off. Lattimore and Harris drop and the Jets truly only bring 3 because Wilkerson also drops and keeps his eyes on Mariota. While Mariota looks like a run right could be an option, Pryor makes him think twice. There isn't only confusion up front for the Titans because a pair of WRs bump into each other and then 2 targets end up in the same space.

Skrine Interception2nd Quarter, Jets Up 10-0
3rd-and-7 from TEN 44*Again showing pressure, the Jets have 6 defenders at the line.  *With nickel personnel on the field, Buster Skrine is lined up over the Titans' slot wideout. Mariota, operating in the gun with backs on either side of him, finds himself immediately under pressure. Skrine comes on a blitz, but alertly jams the Titans back and Mariota hurries a throw. Skrine makes a nice athletic play and comes up with the game's only INT.  Using Lattimore and Harris again as inside rushers, the Jets bring 4 (Skrine would have been 5) while dropping both Davis and Mauldin. The Hitman is just too much for the back to handle and Mariota throws off his back foot.

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