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FILM REVIEW: Fitz's Eyes Created Explosion Plays

A Breakdown of 5 Top Plays from the Jets’ Preseason Victory Over the Jaguars


OFFENSE1st QuarterFitz to Enunwa Part I
Flanked by RB Bilal Powell to his right, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is lined up in shotgun. Rookie WR Jalin Marshall is outside the numbers to the right while veteran WR Brandon Marshall is outside the numbers to the left. Both Eric Decker and Quincy Enunwa make it 3 WR to Fitz's left.  At the snap, the Jaguars appear fine with one deep safety, three DBs on the Marshalls and Decker and finally a LB and S in position to mark Enunwa and the releasing Powell.  But Enunwa has a clear path downfield because one linebacker releases the Jets' hybrid deep while the other inside 'backer is fixated on Fitzpatrick's eyes. The 12-year veteran looks right as Enunwa streaks down the middle of the field. Understandably, the deep safety sees Marshall and Decker singled up and he wants to provide help. So Enunwa is free and Fitz finds him for 26 yards.

The best angle of this play is the end zone shot. Fitz sells incredibly well and that provides Enunwa the clear lane. By the time he shifts his eyes and body back to the middle of the field, the Jags inside 'backer is playing catch-up. It's over.

1st QuarterFitz to Enunwa Part IIThe Jets hurry up down the field and line up in empty. To Fitz's right, WR Jalin Marshall is in the slot he draws a ton of attention early. The Ohio State product sits in a zone and once again the Jets end up with two Jags' defenders focusing on the flat. The same thing is happening up top as the same linebacker releases Enunwa through the center of the field and nobody picks him up. There is a lot of similar action as the deep safety again is focused on his right side of the field because he sees B-Marsh and Deck up top.

Again the end zone angle reveals a Fitz body turn and look to his right, setting Enunwa free. Different formation, but the result is quite similar as Enunwa's catch and run totals 43 yards.

DEFENSE1st QuarterLeo SackFor a defensive lineman, sometimes it's simple. Win your 1-on-1 matchup and get up the field to the quarterback. Leonard Williams, who had three sacks last season and led the club with 32 hurries, wants more sacks his sophomore season.  He didn't wait long to get his first sack of the preseason, forcing a Jags field goal after a takedown of Blake Bortles. Quarterbacks hate pressure up the middle and Williams won his battle with the center, using a powerful rush and then a modified swim to get up the field.  Big Cat is on the prowl.

2nd QuarterLee FinishesIn a base defensive look, rookie Darron Lee is line up alongside Bruce Carter.He simply diagnoses quickly here and doesn't let Denard Robinson get any speed moving laterally.*It's a quick read and the explosive Lee is in the backfield in a hurry, coming up with a sure tackle. *Buckeyes>Wolverines.

SPECIAL TEAMSMarshall 84-Yard KRBrant Boyer had an impressive debut as special teams coordinator and the Jets very nearly had a return touchdown late in the second stanza. The blocking was terrific for Marshall racing out of the end zone and fellow rookie Lee made a critical contribution at the 15, getting just enough of a defender while not getting flagged for a block in the back. Marshall hurdled over a would-be shoestring tackle at the 22, rookie LB Julian Stanford finished his block at the 30 and Marshall sidestepped the punter near midfield. Both Enunwa and S Rontez Miles sprinted to help and they had showed some nice teamwork on a block as the wideout sent a defender Miles' way and the safety took care of the rest.

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