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FILM REVIEW: Don't Sleep on Robinson

Just 26, the 6’0", 226-Pound Khiry Robinson Is Entering the Prime of His NFL Career


The Jets backfield may be different next season, but it could rise to new heights in 2016. It has been well-documented that no running back has been more productive since 2008 than Matt Forte. The Jets also re-signed Bilal Powell, a dual threat who flourished as a receiver in 2015. And then there's Khiry Robinson, a former Saint who drew a comparison to Jets legend Curtis Martin from one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.

Let's take a look at Robinson in action…

Play 1
This should look familiar to Jets Nation as the Saints are in a 4 WR set. Lined up to the right of Drew Brees, Robinson uses quick feet and locates some room outside the far hash marks. He shows some fluidity as a receiver here, grabbing the high toss and tucking the ball while quickly turning up the field. He follows his blocks, sidesteps a diving tackle attempt at the 45, runs over a DB near midfield and shows a refusal to go down. Those last six yards are just effort with a nice assist from a big ugly.

Play 2
Robinson is a healthy seven yards behind center and a good three yards behind Brees.  After faking with play action to Robinson, Brees sells pass over the middle and returns to his back. Robinson catches the rock and turns at the 32, and then quickly scoots up field for 17 additional yards. He clearly welcomes the physical aspect of the game, delivering punishment to a Falcons DB and throwing a few pleasantries his way as well. Not known as a pass catcher, Robinson did have 17 receptions last season.

Play 3
Lined up deep in a single back set, Robinson takes a handoff from Brees and quickly finds congestion to his right. But Robinson displays good vision and excellent athleticism, stopping on a dime and hurdling over a defender's trip attempt while maintaining his balance. He finds some space up the middle and then he meets a quality inside linebacker in Thomas Davis. But the latter will need assistance as four Panthers try to stop Robinson's forward motion. Those legs don't stop churning.

Play 4
From the end zone view, you can see what Robinson sees in this single back formation. Taking a handoff from Brees, Robinson has one of his linemen pushed back into his kitchen. But Robinson gets very low and bounces left, finding a hole and bursting up the middle for a sizeable gain. This is quite a cut that you can appreciate when you slow it down.

Play 5
Now with a fullback in front of him, Robinson operates out of a two back set. After Brees motions his tight end to the right side of the line, the Saints attempt to go with a misdirection pitch to the left. Unfortunately Robinson appears to be all out of options because a DE has him lined up. But Robinson calmly takes the pitch, stops and gives himself enough room to shed an arm tackle. He is more than just a power back, but you do see the power time and time again.

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