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FILM REVIEW: A Quartet of Interceptions

Green & White Secondary Shined in the Lone Star State


The Jets totaled four interceptions in their 19-16 triumph over the Dallas Cowboys.  They now rank 5th in the NFL with 17 interceptions, but the challenge will be great this week as Tom Brady returns to MetLife Stadium. How did they get it done in Texas?

1st Quarter, Jets Trailing 3-0 2nd-and-17 from Midfield
The Jets line up in nickel with 4 DL.  With the Cowboys in a 3-WR set, Cole Beasley motions and takes CB Buster Skrine across the formation.  For the second consecutive week, Skrine shows how film preparation pays off. Matt Cassel takes the snap out of the shotgun and immediately looks to throw to Beasley. But Skrine breaks and makes the QB panic – so much in fact that Matt Cassel almost stumbles to the ground while trying to hold onto the football. Cassel may have had Dez Bryant as an outlet on the other side because Darrelle Revis was playing well off, but Cassel attempts to throw one out of bounds.  Revis, who told me he thought the ball was originally going to sail out of bounds, makes an athletic play on the rock, eludes a Darren McFadden tackle attempt and picks up some blocks down the field. Takeaway No. 7 for the 7-Time Bowler.

2nd Quarter, Jets Leading 6-3 3rd & 6 from DAL 30
It's 3rd down, so that means chaos up front from Todd Bowles and Kacy Rodgers. While the Cowboys line up with 4 WR (TE Jason Witten in the slot), the Jets counter in their dime formation and with only Lorenzo Mauldin and Leonard Williams down in their stances. Safety Marcus Gilchrist is outside the numbers, seemingly giving Darrelle Revis a little support deep on Dez Bryant. As Gilly retreats, he is reading Kellen Moore's eyes and starting to gradually drift inside the numbers. Moore goes for the gusto to Terrance Williams, but Gilchrist makes it look easy. The Jets made Moore uncomfortable, bringing 5 and the pass actually happens because Calvin Pryor leaves the ground on his sack attempt and misses.

3rd Quarter, Jets Trailing 10-9 2nd-and-Goal from the NYJ 6With the Cowboys in a 4-WR set, the Jets counter in nickel. Revis is lined up across from Dez Bryant to the left of Moore while the Cowboys have 3 wideouts (TE Jason Witten is slot) to the right. The Green & White show pressure and end up bringing 5. Witten, who leaves from the slot, is locked up by Demario Davis. Revis passes Bryant off to Gilchrist while Pryor reads Moore's eyes. Bryant is crossing the back of the end zone, but Moore never sees Pryor. Cromartie actually fell down for a quick second and Beasley is calling for it, but the ball is already out and it's turnover No. 3.

4th Quarter, Jets Leading 19-16 2nd-and-1 from DAL 33
Protecting their three-point advantage, the Jets are in dime and both safeties are deep. The clock is an ally and Moore plays into their hands. Rushing only 3, the Green & White get a good push and Trevor Reilly forces the Cowboys QB to move in the pocket before heaving the rock down the field. The ratio is 4-to-1 for the Jets and Gilchrist times the long ball better than Bryant, tipping it to Marcus Williams. Ball game. Interception No. 6 for the team-leader.

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