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FanDuel: Draft Fantasy Notes

During the NFL's offseason, it's difficult enough projecting what kind of fantasy football performance you'll get from an established star, let alone a newly-drafted rookie. Will Joe FirstRoundDraftPick see the field before week six? Will the game plan give him the opportunity to succeed? What's his learning curve? Will he show up to camp underweight? Overweight? Really overweight? 

Nobody knows nothin', but it's still fun to speculate, so how about we discuss what kind of impact three of the Jets picks from the 2017 draft could potentially have on your FanDuel fantasy football lineup…the key word, of course, being potentially.

Jamal Adams: S (Round 1)Nobody—nobody—thought the LSU ballhawk would be around at the six spot. Heck, nobody thought he'd be around at four.

Fast, a hard hitter, and smart, Adams is a day one plug-and-play option, and should make an immediate impact. If his hands are as sticky as advertised, the Jets D suddenly becomes a FanDuel fantasy football thing.

ArDarius Stewart: WR (Round 3)Who doesn't want to have access to an option with great hands and the ability to make some noise after the catch? The Jets will look for Stewart to be integrated into the young receiving corps early…which means you can potentially add him into your FanDuel lineup.

Jordan Leggett: TE (Round 5)Leggett has size, speed, and blocking ability to potentially make an early impact. The fact that he is willing and able to contribute on special teams will win him a place in coach Todd Bowles' heart.

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