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Eyes on Punter Lachlan Edwards

Seventh-Round Pick Aiming for Consistency Throughout Camp


As it stands, Lachlan Edwards is the only punter on the roster and it's a role he's fully embracing.

"Everyone is relying on me now, which is what it's going to be like every fourth down from here on out and I like that feeling," the rookie said. "And it's good because I'm getting all the reps now. Even with Tanner [Purdum], he's snapping to the same guy every time. With holding, all the kickers are going to get the same hold, so I think it's good for everyone that I'm getting more reps."

Holding is not foreign territory for the Sam Houston State product. In college, the Jets' seventh-round pick (No. 235 overall) lived with the SHSU kicker and they would work on holds while working out. Edwards began building chemistry with veteran kicker Nick Folk when they spent two weeks together in San Diego following minicamp, participating in ex-NFL kicker John Carney's "Launching Pad."

"It's for kickers, punters and snappers to go and have a friendly competition and workout throughout the week," Edwards said. "I was out there with Nick Folk, Mike Nugent and a few others. There were a lot of guys out there."

In the spring, the 6'4", 209-pound Edwards pointed to his hang time as one of his strengths, posting gross averages of 41.5, 44.1 and 42.3 the past three years. In training camp, he's shown off the boot, booming a few balls more than 70 yards. The Aussie knows he has the leg to be successful, but his primary focus is consistency.

"Coming into the NFL, it's just consistency from here on out until the end of my career," Edwards said. "When I hit my ball, it's gone, but I'm trying to get my missed hits to still be good balls. That's really what I've been trying to work on. It's just small things from here on out like making sure my steps are consistent every time, adjusting to a different snap and making sure my drop is the same every time."

Day 7 Action at Jets Camp

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