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Enunwa Brings the 'Q' Dimension to Jets Offense

WR Tells 'Inside the Jets' Radio Show How He Developed His Blocker/Receiver Versatility


Over the last the five weeks, wideout Quincy Enunwa has brought another dimension to the Jets offense. Whether the 6'2", 225-pounder is blocking or catching a short Ryan Fitzpatrick pass in overtime and taking it 48 yards to help the Green & White beat the Patriots, Enunwa is maximizing his opportunities.

"I just have been trying to take advantage of what I can do," said Enunwa while appearing on the club’s weekly Monday night radio show, "Inside the Jets." "I know what advantages I have on other defenses, so I try to use my speed well. My strength, the coaches trust me to learn the blocking game, the blocking rules, so that's something that I really tried to work hard on. I learned the whole system, not just what I'm supposed to do but what everyone else is supposed to do."

Any player in the NFL will tell you that the more you can do, the better chances you'll have of seeing the playing field. This is a seed that was planted early in Enunwa's football career.

"That's something my high school coach really harped on, to be as versatile as possible," he said. "The more you can do, the better. When you can do more for the team, the coaches can use you in different ways and I'm the prime example. I try to make sure I can block as well as the tight ends. That way I can find ways to get on the field. I'm not the best receiver but I can be the best 'Q'."

While Enunwa learned valuable lessons at Rancho Verde HS in Moreno Valley, CA, he is receiving on the job training from one of the best wide receivers in the game, Brandon Marshall.

"The crazy thing is last year being on the practice squad," said Enunwa. "My job was to mimic the other receivers. And just to watch his film and see what he did, his techniques and tendencies and try to mimic that on the field. It was hard. And now to see it in person how hard he works to do it and the things that he did, it's amazing. I really try to pick off as much as I can from his brain. He really is smart on the field and technically sound and he is always ready to teach the young guys. I'm always ready to learn."

Throughout the last six games, Enunwa has registered eight first downs and two third-down conversions. He also has 25 targets and13 catches, totaling 216 yards and at least one first down in each game.

But, after missing on a deep pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick in the closing seconds of regulation against the Patriots, Enunwa knew he wanted to come back strong.

"It was little simple slant/flat combinations," said the first-year man from Nebraska. "We just kind of got a great rub — me and KT [Kenbrell Thompkins] had been running that play the whole game. We practiced it hard throughout the week and as soon as I caught the ball and turned around, I just saw the play develop so well. And from then on, I tried to score for the team."

The simple catch and run for 48 yards would blew the roof off of MetLife Stadium as Jets Nation cheered the Green & White on to victory.

"You know, as soon as I saw the field in front of me and I could hear the crowd yelling. 'GO-GO-GO,' I saw everyone on the sideline jumping up and down, all I had on my mind was just try to make up for last time and try to get into the end zone this time," he said.

Building on the momentum from last week, the Jets are gearing up for their regular-season finale against the Buffalo Bills. Even with Sunday's win-and-you're-in implication, the Green & White are approaching this matchup no differently.

"I don't think we want to take it any more than any other week," said Enunwa. "Mentally you have to stay focused and stay in your lane. I think for me, this is one game and it's just one step toward the final goal."

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