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EA Q&A: Tebow Always Ready for Action

Before we get to our Q&A, let's talk a little Tim Tebow.  

Is Tebow frustrated?  I would hope so.  The Jets are 3-5 and they haven't met their own team expectations.  Tebow has provided a few sparks with his opportunities, but explosions have been absent. No touchdowns, two pass attempts on offense and a 3.4-yard per carry average overall.

"I'm competitive, so I'm always ready and excited to want to do something and help," he told reporters on Wednesday.  "(I have the) same approach with my attitude. I just want to get better every single day in practice and be ready when my number is called."

Tebow is a good soldier.  Of course he wants to play more and Rex Ryan, Tony Sparano and Mike Westhoff wouldn't have it any other way. You trust that every other backup and package player on the Jets feels like they are a starter and will be ready when called upon.

Competitors live to compete.  Tim Tebow was one of the most decorated college players in history and he also helped lead the Broncos to the Divisional Playoffs last year with eight wins as a starting QB.

This is a dude who lines up on the sideline with ants in his pants.  He is in constant motion.  There is no problem with that either as you want your team filled with guys who love the game and feel like they can make a difference.

"I think you're always just waiting for that opportunity to really help this team, just always being ready, having a positive attitude and just knowing that it could just be around the corner when you get the opportunity to do something big (to) spark us or do something to make a difference," he said.  "You always have to have that attitude and stay positive."

My cousin — Geoff Geary — is the only person in my family who has played professional sports.  Geoff, who was 16-10 with a 3.92 ERA as a middle reliever for the Philadelphia Phillies (2003 – '07) and the Houston Astros ('08-'09), always believed he could beat anybody when he was on the mound and he wanted the ball all the time.

Shoot I shared goaltending duties playing club ice hockey at the University of the Maryland and I wanted to be between the pipes every night.  When I was relegated to backup duties, it wasn't the same.  You want to face every shot and you want the responsibility on your shoulders.  There was nothing better than getting into a rhythm, getting lost in the moment and helping your team win.

From Day 1, the Jets have stated that Mark Sanchez is their starting quarterback.  Will that change at some point?  Yes, but that might not be anytime soon.  He plans on being the No. 1 guy for a long time and for the moment it appears Tebow will continue to operate the Wildcat and be a package player for the Jets.

"I feel like at times we've done some good things. It definitely hasn't been as effective as I would have liked sometimes," he said.  "I feel like we've had some good plays every now and then. We still have half the season to go, so we just have to try and get better."

Tebow wants to impose his will more and he views himself as a quality quarterback.  We don't need him to say that to change anything.  It would be safe to assume he is frustrated, Sanchez is frustrated and everyone in that locker room is frustrated.

The NFL is about wins and losses.  Tebow wants to help and he'll be ready to go when called upon.  No controversy — just common sense.

Gary S.Columbia, SC

Q: Why do the Jets keep bypassing players from the SEC in the draft?  We had a chance to get Melvin Ingram and Alshon Jeffery and ended up taking not 1 but 2 players from the lower tier ACC?  It doesn't take a rocket science to figure out where the best college football is at.

EA: Gary, South Carolina has done a tremendous job resurrecting its program under the Ol' Ball Coach.   I have enjoyed watching Marcus Lattimore over the years too and let's hope he has a speedy recovery. 

As far as April's draft, let's take a quick look at the numbers:
NYJ WR Stephen Hill (D2, No. 32 Overall): 14-196-3TD
CHI WR Alshon Jeffrey (D2, No 45 Overall):14-184-2TD
NYJ DL Quinton Coples (D1, No. 16 Overall): 15 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 4 Tackles for Losses & 3 HurriesSD LB Melvin Ingram (D1, No. 18 Overall): 15 Tackles, 0.5 Sack, 2 Tackles for Losses & 1 Hurry

Steve C.Rehoboth, MA

Q: When are the Jets going to give another QB from Alabama a chance to show what he can do? Let's face it, Mark is not the guy.

EA: I don't envision Greg McElroy getting any starts in 2012.  With that being said, he is an intriguing prospect.  We had G-Mac on this week's installment of "Jets Talk LIVE" and I would urge you to watch that interview if you have a free moment or two.

Jason W.Sarasota FL (Yonkers, NY)

Q:  Do you feel that we could afford MJD with a trade of #15, and do you feel it is a good idea to do so or to at least pick up MJD or a RB that is strong to share the load and wear out these defenses?

EA: The NFL trading period is over, so nothing like that is even possible.  Shonn Greene is a bull himself and he can wear out defenses.  The Jets do have some injury concerns in the backfield though as Joe McKnight (ankle) has not been able to practice this week as of Thursday.  It would be great to see Bilal Powell (shoulder) make his return to the lineup this weekend because the second-year back has impressed as well and he has a nice all-around game.  And here was a great stat from Rex Ryan on Thursday — on their last 97 carries, the Jets have averaged 4.7 yards a clip.

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