EA Q&A: Revis & Draft Dominate Discussion

After our trip to the NFL Combine, it is finally time for another Q&A. Keep the questions coming in because we will return with another Q&A on Thursday. So without further ado…

Chris J.Paterson, NJQ:Keeping (Darrelle) Revis to completely obliterate the opponents' top receiving threat in this pass happy league is a no-brainer, especially with our young, talented, developing defensive line.  Is re-signing midseason a possibility?

EA:The Jets don't discuss contract situations publicly.  Darrelle Revis is obviously a great player and an asset to the organization.  Currently rehabbing his left knee, the Green & White want to aid their star player in any way so he can return to top form.

The Jets could elect to re-sign Revis during the 2013 season, but that may be difficult.  The 27-year-old Revis, who reportedly will earn $11.5 million next season, has already held out twice.  Numerous media outlets have indicated Revis will want to be paid among the highest defensive players in the league and that would put him in the $16 million per year range.  New York's AFC representative has many needs and Revis figures to command a lot of money.

The re-signing of Revis is a possibility, but I don't think you can rule anything out.

Darnelle B.Somerset, NJ
Do you like the comments that Rich Sherman had to say about Revis about being the best lockdown cornerback? And do you believe that Rex Ryan finally get the next T-Suggs in Dion Jordan?

EA:Although Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is a good player and seems like a fun dude, this was a publicity ploy.  Here is the original tweet that started the "twitter battle" between @RSherman_25and @Revis24 — "Got off my flight to this hilarious convo. So I have 8 picks, 3 FF, and a sack. My season stats looking like Revis' career stats."

Well that just isn't factual, but Sherman wanted attention and he got it. When healthy, Revis is No. 1 period.  Somebody should do a poll with quarterbacks and receivers around the league and get their input on this matter.

"We know Richard, and to us, it's not a really big deal," said Seahawks GM John Schneider.  "It's what makes him who he is. It's one of the things that made us fall in love with him, and it gives him the confidence to play the way he plays."

"The guy is a heck of a football player," added Rex Ryan in Indianapolis when asked about Sherman.  "I don't know him well enough to compare him to Darrelle Revis, but if you're putting yourself in that company — that's the company you want to be with.  That's for sure."

As far as Jordan, the athletic Oregon defender has a monster upside.  The 6'7", OLB prospect posted a 4.6 time in the 40-yard dash over the weekend and racked up 14 sacks at Oregon after making a switch from offense.  Jordan's talent is undeniable, but he has to get stronger and that isn't going to happen over the next few months.  He is scheduled to have surgery on his right shoulder this week and Jordan told reporters that he will need about three of four months of rehab.  Already lean at 248 pounds, you wonder what kind of weight he will come to training camp at in the summer.  But I think you will see Jordan taken off the board within the top 10 selections and I am sure the Jets are doing their due diligence.

Brian M.Palm Coast, FL
Q: Lately I've been more and more intrigued with the leadership, poise, physical skill set and great potential that EJ Manuel has. Do you think there is any possibility that our NYJ will consider drafting him with our 2nd Rd pick? If so, what is your opinion on Manuel?

EA:Manuel is an impressive young man loaded with intangibles.  The 6'5", 240-pounder might be 22, but he is a natural leader who was a three-time captain at Florida State and led the Seminoles to four Bowl wins.  After being named the Senior Bowl's Most Outstanding Player, he threw the ball well in drills at Indy and he also posted a 4.65 time in the 40-yard dash.  I wrote about Manuel over the weekend and yes I think the Jets are doing their homework on the Florida State product.  They want to add competition to the QB position and I would be very surprised if they didn't draft one.

How are the QB dominoes going to fall?  I think there will be at least 2-3 QBs taken in the first round with the most likely candidates being Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and either Manuel, Ryan Nassib, Mike Glennon or Tyler Wilson.

Paul N.Queens, NYQ: EA, I'd like to know if the Jets are considering drafting a QB this draft?  Not an outstanding class, have a guess to whom they are seriously looking at?
EA: *The Jets have already said they want to add competition to the QB position, *so they are undoubtedly considering drafting a QB.  While the better value for this crop of signal callers may be from round two and beyond, it would be fascinating to see if Geno Smith was still on the board when the Jets were on the clock with that No. 9 overall selection.  I think they are studying all the passers closely at this point and one thing to keep in mind about the West Coast system — quarterbacks have to be accurate with the football. One player I didn't mention above was Tyler Bray.  The Tennessee product has a big-league arm and in three seasons with the Vols, Bray threw for 69 TDs.  If Bray interviews well, his stock will rise.

RickPhiladelphia, PA
Q: Do you think that McElroy could start for the Jets in 2013?

EA: Sure he could.  He is under contact and the Jets want competition at the position.  I will ask your question to new offensive coordinator Mary Mornhinweg when he joins us on "Jets Talk LIVE" in the coming weeks.

KeithVero Beach, FLQ:Will the Jets draft an OG with the 9th pick in the draft? I sure hope so as Chance Warmack is as NFL ready as they come.  Pundits have the Jets going "D" again?

EA:The short answer is I don't know.*  *We have to see how the Jets attack the free agency/trading period in March as both RG Brandon Moore and LG Matt Slauson are unrestricted free agents.  Do Rex Ryan and O-Line coach and Mike Devlin view Vladimir Ducasse as ready to step up into a starting role?  I think you have two really good guard prospects because in addition to Warmack, there is North Carolina's Jonathan Cooper.  And Larry Warford will not wow anybody with his 40 times (5.6), but the Kentucky product can play and you could see that during Senior Bowl Week.  This is a very good draft for offensive linemen.

Ackim S.Brooklyn, NYQ: What are our draft picks for 2013?  Let's go — you slipping.

EA:Here is the tentative round-by-round order for the Jets since compensatory selections at the bottom of Rounds 3-7 will be awarded in March: Round 1 (No. 9 Overall), Round 2 (No. 39 Overall), Round 3 (No. 72 Overall), Round 4 (No. 9 Selection), Round 5 (No. 8 Selection), Round 6 (No. 10 Selection) and Round 7 (No. 9 Selection).

Javeon S.Acworth, GAQ: What do you think the RB situation will be this year?   Do you think we will draft a RB or do something similar to Carolina with Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight?

EA:If the Jets don't re-sign Shonn Greene, the UFA will hit the open market.  While there is no Adrian Peterson at the top of this draft, I think this is a solid RB class and you will be able to find a pretty good player in rounds two-four or so.  Backs who play in this system must be competent ball catchers.

CappoLedbury, England
Q: Are the Jets ever going to play in England?

EA:As you know, two NFL International games will be staged at Wembley Stadium in 2013 as the Minnesota Vikings will play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers in September and then the Jacksonville Jaguars will be the home team against the San Francisco 49ers in October.  The Jags are actually scheduled to play four games in London between 2013 and 2016.

The Jets have a tremendous international following and it would be an exciting week if the Green & White crossed the Atlantic. But I don't suspect the organization would be willing to give up a home game at any point soon, so we'll have to see about a road game. Selfishly, I hope it happens during my tenure. Cheerio!

CliffNew City, NY
Q: Eric give us a break with the Bart Scott butt smooching. The guy was a poor excuse for a Ray Lewis wannabe. A malcontent who got toasted by backs catching passes out of the backfield. His act grew old quick. Good-bye Bart!

EA: Thanks Cliff.  I stand by my article on Bart.

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