EA Q&A: Idzik Has Jets on Right Track

Robert L. MartinQ:Since the Jets drafted a good QB, why didn't they then draft receivers for him to throw too?

EA:The Jets stuck to their board.*  *GM John Idzik's philosophy is free agency is need-based while the draft is talent-based.  So if you stay true to your belief, you don't reach. 

There are certainly questions at wide receiver.  Will Santonio Holmes return to form after suffering that devastating Lisfranc injury against the 49ers in Week 4?  Can Stephen Hill stay healthy, attack strength coach Justus Galac's offseason program and become a polished route runner? Is there a young player out there like a Jordan White or a Royce Pollard ready to show they can contribute?  And did the Jets get themselves a steal in the UDFA class that includes Ryan Spadola (Lehigh), KJ Stroud (Bethune-Cookman) and Zack Rogers (Tennessee)?

Charles ConyersNewark, NJQ:What are the Jets doing about bringing in some quality wide receivers?

EA: The personnel department never takes a day off, so the search never ends.  But the Jets aren't going to rush into any decision.  It wouldn't surprise me if the Jets let their OTAs play out for a few sessions to see how their young players are performing on the field. 

MattElkins, WV
Q: Hi EA, thanks for all your work!   JetsNation thanks you!   Are The Jets going to bring back Braylon?  I know the idea is to get "younger and faster," but Braylon and Sanchez have a great connection…

EA:Thanks Matt for the kind words.   Yes Edwards and Sanchez have a good connection, but the Jets have an open competition at the QB position.   Using that theory, Mike Sims-Walker combined for 106 catches playing with David Garrard in 2009 and '10. 

John Idzik is going to do whatever it takes to make his football team better.   He was with Edwards last year in Seattle, so it's not like he is unfamiliar with the rangy wideout.

Mike DerevjanikJackson, NJQ:I saw Super Bowl III ten days before I entered the military as a draftee.   I think of all the things that I was blessed with since returning from Vietnam in 1970. I am now 65. I never ask for much, but I would enjoy another Super Bowl victory for the Jets. Please let me know if you think that is in the Jets' future. I was a season ticket holder from 1965-1968 and attended the championship game at Shea in 1968. Namath was a great talent with a huge personality. Can I become optimistic now?

EA: Thanks both for your service Mike and your continued support of the Jets.*  *There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the Jets and I think the No. 1 reason is the man heading the football side — GM John Idzik.  It will only be a matter of time before people are saying Idzik is one of the league's finest executives. 

In just a few months on the job, he cleaned up the salary cap, signed relatively cheap free agents with decent ceilings, orchestrated a fine draft, vastly improved the running back stable and put the Jets in a much better position at quarterback moving forward.

Are the Jets a Super Bowl contender in 2013?  You never say never in a league known for its parity, but that might be a stretch.  I think it is realistic to think that this team — if everything fell right — could compete for a postseason spot, make the playoffs in Year 2 and then who knows?

But Idzik doesn't think in terms of a timetable. 

Paul N.Queens, NY
Q: Now that the draft has come and gone; any insight into the RB situation? I'd like to know what role they see Joe McKnight filling? I'd like to see him used on screens in the new west coast!

EA: I am glad you asked about the RB position.  On Monday, I wrote that the Jets have quietly assembled a talented, explosive group of ‘backs:*   *

As for McKnight, he is going to have to excel when he gets his reps.  There is plenty of competition here, but I believe this Marty Mornhinweg offense is a good fit for McKnight's skill-set.  And this is a unique talent who could become part of the WR equation as well.

Rex PapachMason City, Iowa
Q: I, too, question the drafting of Will Campbell. For every Brandon Moore, how many Matt Krouls have there been?  Why waste a draft pick on someone who has almost no chance of surviving the final cut?

EA:The Jets didn't take Campbell in the sixth round on some kind of whim.*  *They hosted Campbell for a visit and that went "very well" according to John Idzik.  He played guard at Michigan the second half of his sophomore campaign and Campbell was a three-year starter at OT for Cass Technical HS.  The Jets had offensive line coach Mike Devlin work Campbell out and he performed awfully well in those drills. 

DaveBayside, QueensQ:What number will Geno be wearing?

EA: When that becomes official, I will tweet it out: @eallenjets.  Rookie minicamp is this coming weekend, so the wait won't be long.

Jerry Clermont, FLQ:With the drafting of Milliner and the strength at the cornerback position, are there any thoughts of moving Kyle Wilson to free safety?

Rainier WiggsBronx, NYQ:After watching Kyle Wilson play CB for the past couple seasons, it seems he could be an even better Free Safety… How does the Jets coaching staff see this & have they already tried this at practices ?

MikeBrick, NJ
Q: With the addition of Dee Milliner and a hole at safety, is it possible the Jets try to convert Kyle Wilson to safety?

EA:I don't anticipate a Wilson move to safety on the immediate horizon.  Wilson is a solid nickel corner who played reasonably well on the outside in 2012.   At 5'10", 190 pounds, Wilson is not a big defender.  The Jets have some youth at safety in a pair of interesting prospects with Antonio Allen and Josh Bush.  Allen, a 6'1", 210-pounder, is a thumper who can cover ground while the 5'11", 205-pound Bush has good coverage ability.  Jaiquawn Jarrett — Muhammad Wilkerson's collegiate teammate at Temple — will also compete in the back end and the staff likes Donnie Fletcher at safety as well.    

Joe P.Commack, NYQ: Do you think the Jets should have taken Tank Carradine with the 39th pick, knowing that Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel may be available to them next season ?

EA:No!*  *Nothing against Cornellius Carradine, but thankfully John Idzik and the scouting staff don't think like some fans.  While a lot of people think Bridgewater and Manziel will declare for next April's draft, that is not a sure thing.  Remember Matt Barkley was a sure-fire Round 1 pick before the 2012 seasons commenced.  If the Jets didn't draft a quarterback, what would the reaction be if Idizk said, "We're going to address that next year." 

Come on Joe!  What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, and that includes gambling.

CliffNew City, NYQ:Who's playing tight end for this team? Big mistake not drafting Tyler Eifert.

EA:We will have to wait and track the next three seasons of both Sheldon Richardson and Tyler Eifert.  The Jets stuck to their board and got an explosive gap penetrator from Missouri.  It should be noted that seven teams then skipped Eifert before the ND TE finally went to the Bengals with the 21st pick.  Eifert is a good receiving target, but he might struggle at the LOS on the next level.

Last season, the Jets were considered "fools" for not selecting South Carolina OLB Melvin Ingram over North Carolina DE Quinton Coples. 

And our final word today belongs to Ismail from Roosevelt…Why do all the sports guys blast Geno so much?   He's not the worst QB in the draft.   People that never played football in their lives should shut the ^#^&$^$^b up.

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