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EA Q&A: Concern over Jets Extends to Afghanistan


Q: Once again, coming to you from Afghanistan! Hope your Turkey Day was nice and that the Holiday Season will treat you well. Watching the weekly Jets games over here is starting to increase my chance of death more than the daily Taliban threats.

Don't get me wrong — I'm not going to ditch my lifelong, diehard fan status just because of some crappy 52 second playing.   But it does concern the fans when all that the coach says week in and week out is, "I believe we can."…

The Jets do have excellent players. Is it time to start looking inward at the coaching? Rex is a great defensive coach. Perhaps "demote" him to being just that and go hire a new HC?  Something has to be done. Two more losses this year and we can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Concerned soldier more worried about the Jets than the war.

EA:Thanks for the note Scott.

Q: One of Coach Ryan's greatest strengths is his belief — not only in himself but the people he goes to football battle with.  Like the fanbase, I can assure you that he is frustrated by his team's lack of quality play.  But Ryan sees the positives in each of his men and he thinks they can produce more consistent football.

After the season, everyone is going to be reviewed from the top on down.  The Jets still have a remote chance at postseason action and the time to make franchise-altering decisions isn't now.  I will say that Rex Ryan is an excellent head coach and he was a fantastic hire by both owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum.  His mastery is on the defensive side of the ball, but that doesn't mean he can't succeed as a head coach.  We have seen the Jets get close to the pinnacle in the past and he can make it happen again.

Stay safe and we are truly indebted for your service.  

DustinMilwaukee, WI

Why not start Greg McElroy? What is the worst he could do — get experience and give us a chance to win next year?   If you add up Mark Sanchez's stats, he has 67 touchdowns, 61 interceptions and 39 fumbles.  So he gave the ball away 33 more times than he scored with it, his career completion percentage is 55.3% and dropping. How can you expect to win with this?

EA:Barring injuries and up to the point the Jets are mathematically alive in the playoff hunt, I don't believe you will see Greg McElroy take any meaningful snaps in 2012.  

The Jets have continually stated that their offensive problems are much more than just one player and Rex Ryan believes No. 6 gives him the best chance to win.  Turnovers and accuracy have plagued Sanchez throughout his career and these final five games are a critical stretch.

Sanchez, who does have 12 career rush TDs, played in the AFC Championship Game the first two seasons and that was an aberration.   Expectations went through the roof and No. 6 and the Jets have yet to take the next step.

"We have one of the youngest players in the league at quarterback, and eventually this guy is going to be one of the best in the league," said Ryan after the AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh when Sanchez threw for 170 yards and 2 TDs in the second half. "I think it's going to be sooner than later."

This organization has invested a lot in Sanchez and you don't want pull the plug to early on a QB. 

LancePort Saint Lucie, FL

Q: Do the Jets still have a chance to make the playoffs?

EA:Yes, but they face long odds. 

If the Patriots (8-3) beat the Dolphins Sunday, the AFC East is theirs.   In addition to the Pats, the Texans (10-1), the Ravens (9-2) and the Broncos (8-3) all can clinch playoff berths.  So you can pen those four division leaders in and the two wild card spots are up for grabs.

The Colts (7-4) and the Steelers (6-5) would fill those final two vacancies if the season ended today.  The Indy schedule appears relatively tough on the surface, but they face the Texans in Weeks 15 and 17.  The Horseshoes could luck out if the Houston doesn't have anything to play for.  If Pittsburgh doesn't get Big Ben Roethlisberger back quick, they will face huge problems. 

After starting 3-5, the Bengals have ripped off three consecutive wins and they're right in the mix as well.  Even the Dolphins (5-6) are ahead of the Jets at this point.

If the Green & White can get to nine (that's a huge if), then they'd give themselves a decent shot.  I don't think 8-8 gets it done.

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