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EA Q&A: A Fanbase Divided on Jets QBs

Good afternoon Jets Nation.  As we have reached the Bye Week on the Jets schedule, many folks all over the Northeast are facing a most difficult time.  Sandy literally came in and changed lives forever by destroying homes and property while bringing major modes of transportation to a halt.   

This was a natural disaster.  Lives have been lost, property has floated away and my heart goes out to many of you today.  We returned to the office Wednesday and many of us face similar inconveniences like millions elsewhere: no power, no hot water and no quick end in sight.

So let's get you a quick "Q&A" because I don't know the next time I'll be able to check in.  Please be safe in the days ahead and thanks to all of the first responders who give selfless a new definition.  (If you have power on Sunday and live locally, I am filling in as a host of both "Jets Huddle" and "Jets Flight Plan" and those shows will air at 11:30 PM Saturday and 11:30 AM Sunday respectively on WCBS-2.)

Now on to football.  One thing I can conclude from reading your emails is Jets Nation is divided on what they want at quarterback.

Brian J.New Brunswick, NJ

Q: Enter Timothy Tebow.

Now, EA, I know you're a smart guy and I also know that you will defend Mark Sanchez.  His stat sheet is always so-so, but his play (or lack thereof) speaks for itself. At this point — Tim isn't any worse of a passer and can at least get away from pressure. The bye week allows his spread-option play style to be implemented.

Your thoughts?

*EA: *Brian wants No. 15 starting for the Jets.

Barring something unforeseen over the next few days, a change at QB is not happening.  I am sure the coaching staff is looking for a spark, but I don't think you are going to see a quarterback handoff.  Sanchez is a superior passer while Tebow is a better runner.  Sanchez will be the first one to tell you he hasn't been good enough, but he's not the only one.   The blame goes to the quarterback and that's life in the National Football League.

Are the Jets going to come out and scrap their more traditional offensive system in favor of a spread-option in Seattle?  I don't see it although I do think Tebow will be used more in the weeks ahead. 

Roy B.Q: My feeling is trade the kid.   It's not fair if you're going to let him set the bench and all his abilities are wasted.  Jacksonville would take him a minute now.  We have three extra days — (Coach) Ryan use it and trade Tebow… Where Ryan blew it, the team was down 17-0 and that is Tebow Time.  Who Knows — he may have pulled it out?

EA:Roy votes for a trade of Tebow.

Tebow Time is down 17-0? Nobody can say for sure whether Tim Tebow could have led the Jets back from a three-score deficit, but I would argue that it was extremely unlikely.   All-Pro C Nick Mangold said it best Monday on a conference call.

"When we don't execute, we don't do good things," he said.  "It's not going to matter if we have Joe Namath back there. If we don't execute, nothing is going to work."

The Jets didn't do much right against the Dolphins.

Tim N. Syracuse, NYQ:Four years wasted on someone who will not get better.  I guess they're right — it's Tebow Time.   But if I were Rex, I would go with our 3rd-string QB from Alabama.   He is a real QB and the only one the Jets have.

A: Tim votes for Greg McElroy to start.

I too am intrigued by G-Mac's upside, but the 'Bama product has never thrown a pass in a regular season NFL game.  You don't think that would be a little rash?  If the Jets made that move, don't you think they would want to give the guy a full training camp at the controls?

Jimmy P.
Q: E. Allen, what is the big deal with sitting Sanchez — the $20 Million Man?  The more they play him — the less marketable he will be.

EA: Jimmy votes for sitting Sanchez.

Do you really believe the football side isn't interested in winning football games?  Listen the Jets have a marketing department, but I believe most every other team in the league does as well.    I have been to meetings with marketing people and I've never heard, "Let's make Sanchez more marketable."

Melva C.Jonesboro, AR

Q: I said I wouldn't bother you again, but after watching the Jets yesterday I have to say it one more time: Give Tebow an opportunity.

EA: Melva votes for Tebow to start.  But honestly Melva might want No. 15 to start if the Jets were 8-0 and Sanchez had the highest QB rating in the league. 

Jason C.New York, NY
Q: Why is Sanchez still starting?

EA: "In my opinion, Mark as the starting quarterback gives my football team the best chance to win," said Coach Ryan on Monday.

Matt M.Jackson, MS

Q:At this point though, we have nothing to lose and utilizing (Tebow) as a decoy serves no purpose. I mean look what he did last year in Denver. It would be a spark to the offensive. How much control does Woody Johnson have in the decision process?

EA:Mr. J. lets his football people make football decisions.   People who say Woody Johnson isn't committed to having a winner just do not know what they are talking about.  He did not have to build this state-of-the art practice facility and time and time again — he has opened up his wallet to get more talent in here over his tenure.

MattDouglassville, PA

Q: Time again for the Jets to clean house.  In fact, Woody should go to the next player meeting and tell them everyone's job is on the line — including Rex and Mike.  This mess will take years to fix.  We are back to the Hess days.* *

EA:This is a winning business.  Everyone knows that inside the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center and they are trying to get this thing figured out right now.  The season isn't over yet — lots of things can change over eight games.

Rebecca S.Middletown, NY

Q:  I loved seeing Clyde Gates come out & make a statement last week against his old team. I'd love to start seeing him more.  Do you think we will?

EA:Gates acquitted himself well with his time in Week 8, totaling seven receptions for 82 yards.  Five of those came in the second half as the Dolphins played with a big lead and were comfortable to keep the ball the ball in front of them and watch the clock tick away.

Gates has burner speed and the team obviously was comfortable enough with him to let Jason Hill go.  You have to earn a quarterback's trust in this league and Gates probably helped himself from that perspective Sunday.  The really good receivers in this league aren't just talented — they are tremendous route runners. 

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