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EA Blog Has Liftoff

Borrowing a lyric from Brooklyn's Jay-Z, allow me to reintroduce myself.  My name is Eric Allen, but lots of folks just refer to me as EA.  So while this blog is officially titled "On the Inside with Eric Allen," you can find it under the EA Blog heading on the homepage.

I am entering my 12th season with the Jets and have provided editorial content for and the team's publications since the summer of 2001.  But my duties have changed over time and I now serve as the primary host for our video features here on and also am a regular contributor on our Facebook Page and Jets Flight Plan, the club's television show broadcasted on CBS2-HD.

But enough with the biography as I'm sure you can get that somewhere else on this site.   What is this blog going to be?

The primary goal is fan-friendly.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we'll roll out the "EA Q&A".  That will begin on TUES July 31, so get the questions in now and let's talk Jets football and Training Camp.  The best questions (and perhaps a few comments) will be published.   If I don't have an answer for you — I'll try to find out or I'll guess.

Then throughout the regular season, I will publish one "Fan Friday" weekly game matchup and prediction piece on Fridays.  I'll make the final selection, but make your points and have fun with your pieces. is a news and entertainment site and we want you — Jets Nation — to have ownership of it as well.

We are going to keep it real in this space.  If you have an issue with the club, I'm going to print it just as long it's-family friendly.  I want everyone to participate – kids, grandparents, ladies & gentlemen, high schoolers, foreign nationals.   Jets Nation has no limits and we have very few boundaries here.

Not only do I need your contributions for our Tuesday and Thursday "EA Q&As" and the "Fan Friday" Matchup& Prediction pieces, but I'm going to ask you for questions before we interview players, coaches and celebrities for our video features.  By the way, live programming will be a staple throughout the season as we'll stream postgame shows after home games and at least one additional weekly program. 

Since Thursday is Moving In Day at SUNY Cortland, I'm going to provide you some exclusive insider access later tonight when I speak to a few players moments before Rex Ryan's team meeting. Talk to me on Twitter via @nyjets and simply use the hashtag #EA to contact me directly.  I don't know about you, but I'm excited.  We have a common passion and I hope I can help you get closer to this team in 2012 and beyond.

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