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Darrelle Revis Dials It Back at Practice

No Team Drills Today but Jets' No. 24 Still Works Individuals & Helps Coach Up the D-Backs


The Darrelle Revis watch is on. As in: Is No. 24 on the field today? Is he in individual drills? Team drills? And what does it all mean if he misses a play?

When Revis and his postsurgical wrist participated in some team plays Tuesday, that was a good thing. When his activity was pulled back today, some Jets watchers' alarm bells went off.

Head coach Todd Bowles calmed the Island waters by saying there was no setback.

"We just didn't want to overdo it, so we got him some work yesterday," Bowles said. "We did have him do individuals today."

"I felt pretty good," he said about his Tuesday exposure in an 11-on-11 drive. "I haven't gotten any reps since the Buffalo game, so it's pretty good to get out there with my teammates."

Today, Bowles said, was "kind of" a planned limited pullback. Instead, the coach was happy to have Revis contributing his "coaching skills" to his fellow D-backs.

"Obviously, he's one of the leaders in the locker room," the coach said. "On the field, just him standing on the sideline, it's better sometimes to hear coaching from a player instead of just a coach all the time. He's got a wealth of knowledge and he understands what those guys go through play in and play out."

Revis gave some insight into his coaching style: "Maybe you need to change your leverage. Maybe you need to place your hand here when you bump-and-run. Those are definite conversations we have out there on the field. ... Guys listen to, I don't want to say criticisms, but we're all here to win. No matter if David Harris says something to me or I say something to David Harris, we're all in this together, trying to win."

Soon enough, Revis will be taking all the corner reps and then the alarms will change their pitch as reporters and fans start reanalyzing his play: Is he favoring the wrist? Has he lost anything? How much? Is he done? He did, after all, just turn 31 years of age last month.

Bowles has said with all due respect, that's idle speculation. "I saw the same guy" last year, the coach said in June.

Another astute observer, Pat Kirwan of Sirius/XM NFL Radio, agreed.

"Darrelle's still good," Kirwan told me before today's practice. "When he makes a bad play, people want to say 'deterioration.' When he has a good play, they think he's fine. I have no problem with him."

Kirwan had more observations on the Jets after he and on-air partner Jim Miller visited the team on their AFC East tour today. I'll bring you some of those observations Thursday morning.

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