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DANIELLE: 6 Tips for Holiday Peace of Mind

Hey, Jet's fans! It's your Flight Crew Cheerleader Danielle! I can't believe this is my third season with the Jets already. Let me start off by saying … WHAT A WIN SUNDAY! This season has been beyond exciting in every way possible.

Speaking of exciting, the Holidays are right around the corner! If you're anything like me, the stress and anxiety from holiday pressure starts to set in very quickly. However, this year I've discovered 6 easy tips to help you breeze through the holidays with ease!

1. Be Aware of Your Attitude

Take a minute and acknowledge how you feel and how you're radiating those feelings outward. If you have a positive attitude, people will not only gravitate to you, but your positivity might even help change the moods of others for the better. After all, a stressful atmosphere is not the place to get things done. Like I always say, a smile goes a long way!

2. Get Moving

Shopping for gifts does stress us out. We get claustrophobic when the stores are so crammed with decorations, merchandise and people, and we panic. Go take a walk around the mall before making rash decisions or giving up completely. Stop and get a coffee, do some people-watching, or even put some calming music on your iPod to drown out the Christmas carols. When tension, frustration and anger start to boil, remove yourself from the situation and get your heart pumping so you can regain focus and finish the tasks at hand — on budget, of course!

3. Make Choices

Face it, we all have them — picky relatives! It sure can make holiday shopping tough. If a loved one is complaining all the time or the family is arguing over where to celebrate the day, just acknowledge that you have the ability to make your own choices and move forward in a positive way. If people are causing drama or driving you crazy, make a conscious choice to ignore it. Set your path and choose what keeps you happy. Staying happy and balanced will give you the greatest rewards — and the best holiday!

4. Smile and Laugh

Sometimes we're in such a rush or so distracted that we need to remind ourselves to smile and enjoy the holiday season. Heart-to-heart conversations with friends — or even complete strangers — can change our state of mind so quickly. Talk to the salesperson, the woman waiting in line or the child visiting Santa and watch your worries fade away. One encounter with a child during the holidays can be magical and remind you what it's really all about.

5. Breathe

With all the holiday rushing around, it's very easy to get in a bad mindset. Refocus your attention away from the negativity and focus on breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. You will feel less overwhelmed and you'll be able to reenter the chaos with renewed energy and a new perspective.

6. Gift Yourself

Now that's what we're talking about! We exhaust ourselves trying to find the perfect gift or plan the perfect meal, to please our friends and family and we often end up neglecting ourselves! When you budget for the holidays, don't forget to include something for yourself. Buy a new dress or treat yourself to a new haircut. If you feel good about yourself inside and out, the holidays are sure to be a success.

So there you have it, Jets fans! 'Tis the season to be jolly … and now stress-free! Have a very happy and healthy holiday season. See you on the field!


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