COVID-19 Testing Irregularities Forced Jets to Alter Schedule 

After 10 Jets Have False Positives, TE Ryan Griffin Says Club Must “Roll with the Punches”


Less than 24 hours after the Jets were informed of 10 positive test results for COVID-19, the Green & White returned to the practice field Sunday at One Jets Drive.

"Our guys did a great job as far as getting in touch with the league office, following all the right protocols and making sure we were doing all the right things," head coach Adam Gase told reporters. "Our guys really jumped on it quick as soon as we found out. I had to cancel the walk-through last night and our guys were trying to understand what was going on, but they handled everything well."

While taking the proper precautionary measures, the Jets followed league procedures before determining the 10 results were actually false positives.

"The guys that were told, they did a good job of quarantining themselves," Gase said. "If they went home, they made sure they followed the direction of our doctors and our training staff. It was encouraging to see our guys reacted the right way and we didn't know if we were going to go today until early this morning."

When the Jets initially received the results Saturday, they quickly moved into action and got everyone out of the building.

"We shut the building down after we figured out all the things that were going on," Gase said. "The players weren't here, which that kind of worked out for us from that aspect."

Gase tackled the situation immediately, informing the players that they would be receiving information as far as what the next steps would be.

"Coach Gase was very up front about it. He told us in the meeting yesterday there was some stuff going on, so stay by your phone for updates," TE Dan Brown said. "We got the call sometime last night to proceed as normal and that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about."

After a virtual spring because of the pandemic, the Jets are still in the early stages of a most unprecedented training camp. Schedules can be changed at a moment's notice to ensure the safety of the players, the coaches and everyone throughout the organization.

"With this group of guys we have in the locker room, it wasn't a huge deal," TE Ryan Griffin said of the cancelled walk-through. "We just roll with the punches. It's been a liquid situation ever since that first week of March, from OTAs moving to virtual workouts. That was a last-minute type of deal. Everyone is on high alert. Everybody is dealing with it. The whole world has to adjust and we're no different. It is what it is, but we didn't miss a beat out here."

The Jets ruled out the positive tests after working with the NFL's testing partner, BioReference, which is located in New Jersey. With the regular season three weeks way, the world, the NFL and the Jets continue to face an uncertain road ahead.

"I don't want to look too far ahead. It's probably better that it happened now than in three weeks," Gase said. "I'm realistic in the thought that it's such an unknown, everything is day-to-day right now and understanding things can change very quickly. We have to be able to adjust."

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