Coordinators' Corner: Carolina-Bound

Videos and excerpts from our coordinators' weekly Thursday news conferences.


Thurman on if he's noticed other defenses using a spy on Carolina QB Cam Newton…

I haven't noticed it too much, no, not on the tapes that I've used, I didn't see it. He's a talented guy. He obviously has the ability to run. He's a great athlete. He's tough to bring down and I don't know. Teams, I guess they think they can rush the passer, but in rushing the passer you have to be very cautious in how you go about doing it because he does have the ability to beat you with his legs. So some teams may feel they have to. Other teams feel like they don't have to, especially if you have talented guys up front who can run a little bit. Then you take your chances.




Mornhinweg on if Geno Smith is too concerned about proving he is a pocket passer…

That is a good point and I don't believe that's the case. We talked about it before. I think you never really know until you give him even more time here, that he was just so nailed on footwork and his reads and you've just got to free-flow it. You've got to be able to use your athleticism in some of the drills that we stress in the game. So I think he did a better job that way. I don't think it's what you were saying. I don't think that is it at all with Geno. Geno's got the mentality, he'll do anything it takes to do better and win a game.




Kotwica on Antonio Allen's punt block against the Raiders…

It's a great credit to Antonio that that's something that we've worked on the past couple weeks. We do it once a week where we go out and we hit the ball. He did a great job of getting his hands out. Yeah, we just noticed something. We saw an area we thought we could get after. Those guys did a great job executing. The highlight goes to Antonio there, but really the other guys are a huge part of it. Their alignment makes that thing possible and we were able to get the block, score a touchdown and help win the game. I was happy for those guys.

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