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College Throwback: Quincy Enunwa at Nebraska

Things I Learned About the WR’s Time in Lincoln

1. He was the 2014 Gator Bowl MVP and it was his fondest memory.


2. The 99-yard touchdown catch from QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. was a big reason why he was named MVP.

Inside your own 1 yard line? No problem! @TommyGun4 to @QuincyEnunwa for six! — Husker Highlights (@skerhighlights) April 1, 2016

3. The Downtown Bar was a cool hot spot to go to.

4. He really didn't like the humidity in the Midwest.

5. Toppers Pizza is a restaurant that was his kryptonite. 

6. So were *Raising Cane’s* chicken fingers.

7. The steaks are really good out there too.

8. Nebraskan Runzas (bread pockets filled with beef, cabbage, sauerkraut and onions) were his least favorites.

9. Q is from California and experienced his first snowfall his freshman year in Lincoln. He was late for practice one day, at the time he didn't have a car, so he had to run through the snow to make it to practice on time. He made it. 

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