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Coach to Fans: On Sunday Make It Inhos-Pat-able


Rex wants you.

Actually, Jets head coach Rex Ryan is reaching out to all Jets fans but particularly to those of you in the Meadowlands stands on Sunday to make the atmosphere for the home opener as loud and uncomfortable as possible for quarterback Tom Brady and the visiting New England Patriots.

Although it's only the second game of the season, this can set a tone for the year as the Green & White head into their seven remaining home games. The winner will be 2-0 and in sole possession of first place in the AFC East, while the loser will fall to 1-1.

"I've always challenged our players, as you know," Ryan said at his Wednesday news conference at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. "And I've challenged our fans. I want our fans to be a factor in this game to help our defense out, make it loud and make the communication tough.

"I know Brady has seen it all before, but still, let's look like we have about 13 or 14 guys out there. It would be great. Sometimes I've seen that happen where it gets so loud — it just takes one guy to miss a check. And so I'm challenging our fans to maybe be the difference in the game this week."

Ryan even recorded a phone message that was relayed to season ticket holders on Wednesday asking for everyone's loud and proud support on Sunday.

The Texans weren't able to get much against the Jets defense last week, totaling only 183 yards and no points on offense. And that was in Houston — more than 1,600 miles from the Jets' home at the Meadowlands. Imagine what the defense is capable of with nearly 80,000 screaming fans in green and white trying to disrupt the Patriots' offense and cheer their side to victory.

"If we all get on the same page and we make it loud, our players will pick up from the enthusiasm of our crowd as well," Ryan said. "They'll obviously be juiced up from their own enthusiasm, but when our crowd is with you on top of that, it makes it tough."

As part of Sunday's stadium experience, the Jets plan on having plenty of attractions at the home opener:

*  New player introductions with a new musical theme and new pyrotechnics.

*  The National Anthem performed by Constantine Maroulis, star of the off-Broadway musical "Rock of Ages" and former American Idol finalist.

*  The unfurling of a huge American flag.

*  A flyover by a squadron of A-10's.

*  The regular-season debut of the 2009 Jets Flight Crew, expanded to 30 members, all wearing their cheerleading group's new uniforms, and ready to lead a new cheer prior to player intros — be in your seats early to find out what it is!

*  An inspirational new video to be aired right before kickoff — it will get you pumped!

*  An air raid sound effect. When you hear it, no need to seek shelter — it means to get loud!

But it all begins and ends with the fans in the stands.

"My challenge to you is that we need you at your best," said Ryan. "Let's come and get ready to go for four quarters and get after them, especially when our defense is up there. We really need you. So that's my challenge to you."

"We want to have a place where it's just absolutely miserable to come to."

For the other team, of course.

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