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Christopher Johnson in Orlando: 8 Takeaways

Jets CEO: Really Exciting Time in History of Jets


Something SpecialThrilled with the acquisition of the No. 3 overall selection in the Jets' St. Patrick's Day trade with the Colts, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson is certain big things are on the horizon.

"I'm 100% sure, having talked with Mike [Maccagnan] and with Brian Heimerdinger and the coaches, that we're going to do something special with that pick," he said.

Exciting TimeBelieving his team took great strides in free agency, Johnson is embracing the Green & White's situation with the third pick in its hands.

"We'll know a little bit more as we get past the draft and I don't think we're going to know for sure until we've had a few games under our belt," he said. "Speaking as a fan, which I am first, I think that this is a really exciting time in the history of the Jets."

Plan B Is BrilliantJohnson said the talk of moving up started at the end of the season, but the Jets kicked into overdrive when it became apparent that their Plan A (Kirk Cousins) intended to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

"We moved very quickly to Plan B and it's a shame to call it Plan B because it's shaping up to be pretty magnificent," he said. "I'm really excited about it and we did so swiftly. It doesn't hurt at all that we have an awful lot of money — that we would have been sending out to one player — back with us. We can spread that out to other players over the next few years."

Sustainable SuccessWhile expressing optimism about the Jets' offseason to date, Johnson reiterated that there would be no playoff mandate for general manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles.

"It can't happen fast enough. I've said that a couple times and it's really true," he said. "I want this team to be in the playoffs, I want this team to compete in the playoffs. I want this team to be the kind of team to go to the playoffs year after year. I don't want to be a flash in the pan. I don't want to load up on people who can get you there, but can't keep you there. This is about building something great long-term."

Involved in the ProcessAfter sitting in on a number of draft interviews in Indianapolis, Johnson said he'll make his presence more known when the Jets host 30 prospects for pre-draft visits.

"I got to sit in on a lot of interviews. I missed the first night, but I was there for all of the rest," he said of the Scouting Combine. "It's a great opportunity to meet these young men and pick their brains a little bit. See what they're about rather than just seeing how they can run or how many times they can lift a barbell… Believe me, I'm going to be a part of this process moving forward."

London CallingThe Jets CEO said he talks to Woody Johnson often and his older brother, who is serving as the US Ambassador to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has been happy with some of the team's offseason decisions and the direction they are headed in. Speaking of directions, the younger Johnson said he would enjoy it if his club returned to London for a game.

"I loved playing when we played there a few years ago," he said of the Jets' triumph over the Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in 2016. "That was a great experience for the team. I loved it and I hope we get the chance the next year or two."

Patience Isn't InfiniteFollowing the recent arrests of CB Rashard Robinson, OLB Dylan Donahue and WR Robby Anderson, Johnson expressed belief in his organization's support system.  He has spoken to Anderson and said the wideout was remorseful and is trying to get in a better place.

"I'm really disappointed," he said of the arrests. "But I think these guys deserve the support of the team. They deserve a second chance. We have a really good support system with the team and I think we can help these guys. My patience isn't infinite. I expect these guys to straighten up."

Suh Offer RescindedSaying a contract offer to 31-year-old free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh didn't fit the organization's long-term plans, Johnson told reporters the team had rescinded its offer.

"In discussion with Mike and looking into what our plan is, it became apparent to the two of us that it just didn't work."

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