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Calf Strain Will Cost Kris Jenkins 'a Few Days'


This morning's training camp practice was problematic and painful for Kris Jenkins.

While pushing off out of his stance during a running drill, Jenkins said he stepped to shift and felt a "pop-pop-pop" in his left calf muscle. He said he thought he strained the calf.

"I think I've got to realize I'm turning 30 in a couple days and I can't do everything like I did when I was 21." Jenkins said. "When you feel pop-pop, you know to just stop for a second. Then it started tightening up and I said, 'OK, well, I know I didn't tear any scar tissue.' When I felt it tighten up, I was just like 'OK, I think I strained something.' "

Jenkins doesn't believe the injury will be a problem and feels there is no need to worry.

"If it had been something where the cart came in and carried me off, then, yeah, you might need to worry about something," he said. Instead, he was able to slowly limp behind head trainer John Mellody off the Cortland Stadium field to the trainer's tent to get some ice for the injury.

Head coach Rex Ryan does not feel that the injury is severe, either.

"It'll be a few days for Jenkins. He'll definitely miss the special teams practice [this afternoon]. I don't think we're going to have Jenkins long-snap today." Ryan said with a laugh. "We'll see how it is. Hopefully, it's not that big a deal."

"It's nothing serious," Jenkins said. "I won't skip a beat. I've got a couple of days where I've got to get up real early so I can retape my foot. Other than that, I'll be all right."

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