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Brick's in a Playoff Battle


D'Brickashaw Ferguson will make an appearance in Rachael Ray's kitchen on Friday. Ferguson, known best for blocking some of the NFL's elite pass rushers, is set to battle former New York Giants RB Ottis Anderson and Falcons QB Joey Harrington in a "Recipe Playoff."

"I went in the kitchen and I had to represent," said the Jets' left tackle this week while visiting an ESPN set in Phoenix.

Chef Mario Batali will be the judge of the participants' dishes and will declare the winner. Ferguson produced some crabcakes and Harrington reportedly countered with ribs. But we couldn't track down O.J.'s dish and you’ll have to watch the Food Network on Friday to see if Ferguson got the Jets a food title.

"It was something I really enjoyed," Ferguson said.

While Ferguson would be rather playing this weekend, he's in Arizona making a few appearances. On Sunday, the crosstown Giants will battle the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

"It's hard," Ferguson said. "We're rivals with the Patriots and we're rivals with the Giants. I guess as long as we have a New York team being represented …"

When pressed about his rooting interest, Ferguson agonized before finally settling with perhaps the lesser of two evils.

"Maybe New York, maybe New York," he said.

The Jets met the Patriots twice during the regular season and they also faced the Giants once at the Meadowlands. The 6'6", 312-pound Ferguson believes Osi Umenyiora, who racked up 13 sacks in 2007, could be a difference maker.

"We've had the opportunity to play the Giants — they have a great team. Umenyiora has had an excellent year and I think he's going to be a key factor," Brick said. "The Patriots offensive line is really going to have to deal with him. He is going to be a guy to watch, I would say."

Despite the Pats' fantastic run, Ferguson sees a roadblock in place and smells an upset.

"I am going to go with the Giants. They've been playing good ball," he said. "They are really flowing right now and I think momentum is in their favor."

As far as the "Recipe Playoff," though, tune in to Food Network to see if Brick can claim his championship.

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