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ANAIS: See the Beauty Inside and Out

Hola, Jets fans. So who are your beauty inspirations? We all seem to borrow beauty tips and ideas from those who came before us. I think it's beautiful to look in the mirror and know that the way I look today is the result of ancestors who came before me. I love looking at old family photos and getting inspired by fashion, hair and makeup from the women in my family.

Something that is very trendy that I saw a lot of in my family photos are classic-styled curls similar to the 1940s or how Kim Kardashian curls her hair. I find that it frames the face and looks very sleek. Curly hair also runs in my family and I think the way Julia Roberts styles her curls is beautiful. Another hair inspiration is the way Farrah Fawcett styled her hair in the 1970s.

Another feature that always stood out to me in my family photos is makeup. Now although I feel as though my family members didn't wear much makeup, with all the resources I have today I can use makeup to highlight the features that my family has given me. I always tell everyone that I should have been a teenager in the '80s because I loved the style, loved the big hair, but most of all loved the risk-taking in makeup.

I think it's fun using bright colors, glitter and designs to create art on your face. I always see Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez taking the same risk with their makeup and it always looks amazing. I also love a bright red lip used a lot in the 1920s. Although I love the bold makeup look, I also enjoy the natural makeup look from someone like Jessica Alba.

Remember that beauty is truly what's inside. You can have no makeup on and your hair not done, but if you feel confident with yourself the world will see your shine. Know that you look the way you do because of all the family members who came before you and that in itself is beautiful. Have fun looking at all the years of beauty.

Love, Anais

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