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6 Quotes from OLBs Coach Kevin Greene

He Meets with Jets Reporters for the First Time & Says, 'The Sky's the Limit for All My Kids'


The Jets' outside linebackers are certainly an intriguing if not yet an accomplished group. Among them are third-year man Lorenzo Mauldin, second-year man Jordan Jenkins, rookie Dylan Donahue ...

"All my kids," as Kevin Greene referred to them six times during his six-minute news conference with reporters.

Greene is the Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker, the ex-pro wrestler, the former Packers assistant coach and now the Jets' outside LBs coach. And he's a father at heart. He said he left the NFL for a while to coach his son, but he still had "that fire" to return to the game and guide a new brood of 'backers to maturity.

"I think the sky's the limit for all my kids," he said before the first practice of the Jets' full-squad minicamp. "I'm teaching my kids techniques and fundamentals, not based on athletic ability and skill, but based on physicality, drive, desire, want-to, being a student of the game and so forth. So all my kids can really be as good as they want to be."

And in keeping with his colorful background and paternal instincts, Greene has a delightful way of getting through to his charges, reporters and fans. Here are six quotes from today's session in the Atlantic Health Training Center fieldhouse:

On his coaching style..."Having fun. That's my coaching style. Have fun. That's it. Just get out there and have fun, play free. That's all."

On Jenkins' potential ..."I think he's coming along. He's got some stuff to him, he's got some skill to him. ... I like what he brings to the table. He's tuned in."

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On Mauldin becoming more of a power rusher..."It's not just him. Everybody at this level has skill, correct? They're all athletic with agility and dexterity and all that stuff. Well, what separates people initially is their physical level of play, so that's always our first step. We have to play more physical than whoever is in front of us because we're all athletic. He understands that. 'Zo and all my kids, they're going to be more physical players than they have been in the past."

On what he's seen in Donahue..."He's a hunter. He has a hunter's heart. That's what you need as a player playing this position. You've got to continue to hunt the quarterback. He has that, and he's wild and he's on the edge and I like that, too. It's all good."

On young players transitioning from the college game to the NFL..."It's the hardest thing to do, go from a three-point stance up into a staggered two-point stance, now expanding your vision, acquiring all five eligibles and understanding how that can change your job, depending on formation, motion, any number of factors. So that's where the growing pain comes."

On his description of the Jets' OLBs as a group..."Hard workers, want to do it right, tuned in, gonna have some growing pains with some of the techniques and fundamentals that I'm teaching. But they want to do it, they want to learn. I feel good about 'em, yeah."

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