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5 Observations from Monday's Media Sessions

The Jets Are Ready for Their First Division Game of 2016


Short Term Memory:Todd Bowles made it very clear after Monday's walkthrough that all eyes have shifted to the Bills.

"We worked things out and we've moved on to Buffalo," he said regarding the mistakes made against Cincinnati. "We talked about them and we corrected them. We play two games in four days, we don't have time to sit there and go back so everybody's moved on."

The message Bowles delivered was trickled down to his players as well.

"To be in a primetime game back in Buffalo in a situation where we're excited to get back in the win column is a good opportunity for us against a team that got our number twice," Eric Decker said. "I think we're all excited and we're all gearing up and we have a little bit of fuel from yesterday's game."

Out With the Old, In With the New: With the team moving on to week two, the defense welcomes back Sheldon Richardson, who was serving a one-game suspension.

"He can slide in and play, it's just a matter of if he was conditioning this last week or not," said Bowles. "He only missed a week, he didn't miss four like last year so he should be able to come right back in and play."

Richardson echoed similar sentiments after practice.

"I have enough fuel for Thursday," he said. He also added when asked if he can jump right into the rotation, "Yeah, I believe so. We have a nice game plan so we'll be alright."


Execution: **While the Jets refuse to harp on Sunday's game, Brandon Marshall has some goals for Thursday's contest.

"Being more efficient," he said. "We know what's going on, they [Cincinnati] didn't show us anything new. It's just us coming down the ball, Fitz throwing the ball, receivers catching the ball and the O-line blocking. We feel comfortable with our game plan. We love what we're doing out there, we just didn't come down with it."

RT Race Almost Over:Ben Ijalana and Brent Qvale split first-team reps all summer and they continued to do so against the Bengals on Sunday.

"It could be similar," Bowles said regarding to this week's rotation. He acknowledged this would be an ongoing situation and when asked how much more time he needed, Bowles responded, "Not much more, a couple. We'll see. They're probably still neck and neck."

Jets Shift Focus to Prep for the Bills Game

Spread the Wealth:Receivers Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall were rather quiet in the passing game against Cincinnati, but Decker isn't concerned with the stats.

"If you start forcing the ball, you run into not letting the quarterback just play the game and make decisions on what he sees. When you have guys like Quincy stepping up and making plays, when you have both guys in the backfield that can make plays, a tight end that can catch, there will be times where it gets spread out. One guy may get more than the other or whatever the case may be, but obviously we'd like to be more of a factor, but that's on our part."

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