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25 Crazy Facts About 2017 Training Camp

Unreal Amounts of Water, Eggs and Tape Help Players Survive Summer


Today marks the first day of practice in training camp. We all know what that means on the field, but here's a glimpse what takes place behind the scenes. Most numbers below represent amounts for the entirety of training camp. * 


  • 2,800 gallons of Gatorade sports drinks, energy drinks and nutrition shakes
  • 100 gallons of water (daily)

You knew football players drink a lot of Gatorade, but you still did a retake. You're stunned, I'm stunned, we're all stunned.

To just put the amount of water consumed into perspective, 100 gallons equate to roughly 757 standard Aquafina bottles. Every. Single. Day.


  • 900 cases of tape (32,400 rolls)
  • 180 helmets
  • 200 shoulder pads
  • 300 new footballs (8 per day)
  • 400 practice jerseys
  • 300 football pants
  • 1,000 pairs of shoes (turf, grass, running)
  • 600 pairs of socks
  • 1,000 towels (800 used in the course of a day)
  • 800 t-shirts
  • 1,000 shorts (400 used daily)
  • Laundry done twice a day

32,400 rolls of tape stretches to over 100 miles in length. That means there's enough tape to roll from 1 Jets Drive to MetLife Stadium about 3.5 times. More importantly, laundry twice a day?! Dreams do come true. Keep grinding.

FoodOK, so you might be thinking football players aren't allowed to eat junk food and they adhere to a strict kale-only diet. Well, think again.

  • 500 pounds of fresh vegetables
  • 200 pounds of salad
  • 1,500 pounds of fresh fruit
  • 600 pounds of beef
  • 1,000 pounds of poultry
  • 200 pounds of fresh fish
  • 750 pounds of eggs
  • 75 pounds of bacon
  • 700 pounds of pasta
  • 65 gallons of ice cream
  • 120 pounds of cookies
    A football player consumes between 7,000-10,000 calories a day but also burns that on the field. It must be nice being able to eat cookies and ice cream at will without any gut inflation.

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