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10 for 10: We Asked, Chad Pennington Answered

From the Last Thing He Misplaced to the First Thing He Would Save in a Fire


1. What's your favorite TV show?

Growing up? It was Wings. Now? Alaska: The Last Frontier and Barnwood Builders.

2. Are you more predictable or spontaneous?

I'm predictable when it comes to where I like to eat, places I like to go, vacations I like to go on. I'm very loyal. I'm spontaneous when it comes to if I go to a Bass Pro Shops ... I'm probably going to buy something, which is predictable. But, you don't know what I'm going to buy.

3. Do you prefer texting or calling?

Calling. I have way too much to say.

4. Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?

I'll go with my girl, Taylor, because she started in country.

5. What's the first material thing you would save in a fire?

My bible.

6. What's your favorite chick flick?

The Notebook.

7. Pizza or Chinese?

I'm going to go with pizza. I love different types of pizzas. Barbeque chicken pizza. Veggie pizzas. I'm a pizza guy.

8. What's the last thing you misplaced?

My self. Other than that, my keys. Always my keys.

9. What is your favorite vacation destination?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We went last summer and had a blast for ten days. We did everything that the law would allow: mountain biking, hiking, fly-fishing, went to a rodeo. I mean, every day was something different.

10. What's the best food at the little league games you coach?

Well, I think it's un-American not to have something at any ballpark. You have to eat something. Normally I like a big hotdog with chili, some fries and a large Sprite.

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