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The New YorkHer Podcast

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LISTEN | The New YorkHER Podcast: Ep. 9 with Taylor Rooks

Host Olivia Landis welcomes Bleacher Report and Turner Sports reporter Taylor Rooks to the New YorkHER podcast. Start-6:20 Landis and Rooks discuss what sparked her interest in sports and how her broadcast career began. 6:21-12:00 Landis and Rooks discuss the importance of being able to make mistakes in the industry and finding your own voice. 12:01-18:15 Rooks talks about her show "Take It There with Taylor Rooks". 18:16-23:55 Rooks discusses what life was like in the NBA bubble. 23:56-26:49 Rooks talks about her article in GQ magazine. 27:00-end Landis and Rooks discuss the importance of women supporting one another in the industry.