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A Conversation with Jets Director of Mental Performance Dr. Anne Shadle (S3E7)

Host Caroline Hendershot is joined by Jets Director of Mental Performance, Dr. Anne Shadle. The two discuss Dr. Shadle's background and accolades and how they led to her current role (0:04). Dr. Shadle also gives insight on the mental challenges of going through the Olympic trials and how she identifies the challenges now (4:52). Caroline and Dr. Shadle also talk about retiring from sports and the changes that athletes experience in those transitions (9:13). Dr. Shadle also shares how she got into researching mental health and her time at the Olympic training center with Paralympic athletes as well as her time working and studying with the US Air Force (14:12). Dr. Shadle also walks through her day-to-day work with the Jets and the adjustment of working with the NFL schedule (16:01). Dr. Shadle explains the struggles players may experience in transitioning to the NFL as well as the complexity of dealing with injuries (21:24). Lastly, Dr. Shadle highlights her favorite parts of working with the Jets and how much her work with the team means to her (23:07).