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A Conversation with Emma Lovewell (S3E6)

Host Caroline Hendershot is joined by Peloton instructor and author Emma Lovewell. Lovewell tells her story of growing up on Martha's Vineyard and the big jump of moving to New York City (0:22). She also gives a sneak peak into her new book, Live Learn Love Well: Lessons from a Life of Progress Not Perfection, as she tells the story of how a $50 Craigslist job posting eventually led her to Peloton (2:13). Hendershot and Lovewell then discuss how resisting fear and being persistent leads to growth (5:51). Loverwell gives more insight on how she felt when she first started instructing Peloton classes and how she has grown along the way (10:02). The two also dive into how the Peloton experience is shaped for all groups of people and how the company has built a strong sense of community and teamwork for people all over the world (13:06). Lastly, Hendershot shares on the New York Jets and the fan experience as Lovewell prepares to attend her first NFL game (19:40).