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LISTEN | The New YorkHER Podcast: Ep. 3 with Mina Kimes

Host Olivia Landis welcomes ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes to the podcast. (Start) Kimes discusses her unexpected transition into sports broadcast from investigative and financial journalism.  (4:10-6:24) Kimes gives insight into her extreme sports fandom and how it began from a young age. (6:24-11:00) Kimes discusses her role as the LA Rams color commentator and being a female analyst on NFL Live. (11:00-12:53) Landis and Kimes review a blooper shared on Twitter from NFL Live. (12:53-14:54) Kimes discusses her love for showing personality and humor on social media. (14:54-End) The show wraps up with a guessing game involving The Office quotes.