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The Official Jets Podcast

A Conversation with Jets QB Joe Flacco (9/7)

Hosts Eric Allen and Bart Scott are joined in studio by Jets quarterback Joe Flacco. They trace back to 2008 as Flacco recalls being named Baltimore's starter on the team plane (0:30), and then look ahead to find out how the Jets QB is preparing for Week 1 vs. his former team (3:48). The guys discuss the veteran leadership Flacco can bring to the huddle (8:00) and go in-depth about how far the roster has come since Flacco first arrived in New York in 2020 (11:08), where the former Super Bowl MVP's winning car is located (13:45), and why Joe is still playing at the age of 37 (14:20). Lastly, the guys talk about Lamar Jackson (15:45), how Flacco has bridged the generational gap with his teammates (21:10), and changes in the NFL since his rookie season (22:05).

EA and Bart breakdown the Jets' Week 1 matchup vs the Ravens (25:00), where the Jets can take advantage of Baltimore on defense (26:40), and how the defense can slow down Lamar Jackson (30:24). The guys analyze the Jets' ceiling (32:20) and the players that will step up in crunch time this season (34:15).