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A Conversation with Good Morning Football Host Jamie Erdahl (S3E4)

Host Caroline Hendershot is joined by "Good Morning Football" host Jamie Erdahl. They kick off the podcast talking about Erdahl's journey into the sports broadcasting world (00:49) and how her sports production background and experience as an athlete helps her excel in her role (3:45). Erdahl highlights her jump from working at NESN to becoming a reporter at CBS (5:50) and the sports world's reaction to her recent addition to the "Good Morning Football" cast (10:30). They also delve into the transition Erdahl made from sideline reporter to morning show personality (12:44) and adjusting to the chemistry of the group on "Good Morning Football" (17:00). Erdahl also discusses the challenges of sideline reporting and her current shift of now studying games from afar (19:20). The two then talk about her love for this year's New York Jets and the various turning points for the team throughout this season (20:41). Lastly, they share on their love for Taylor Swift and talk about Erdahl's impressive game of song bingo on "Good Morning Football" (25:15).