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Woody Johnson Thursday Interview


Transcript of Jets owner Woody Johnson's interview with reporters following Thursday's Green & White scrimmage:     

On the quarterbacks…

They look pretty good. I mean there were a few drops, but there were no interceptions and there were no fumbles. I think the defense usually at this time of the year is ahead of the offense, but I was impressed. I think both of them, all four of them actually, did pretty well. Erik [Ainge]did well as well. Erik came out there and he hasn't been getting a lot of press conferences, but he's throwing it. He looked good. 

On any pressure to name a starter…

I think Rex Ryan is a second generation coach that has enough experience with Brian [Schottenheimer] being a second generation coach also. These guys are going to go with the program that they feel is best. And I don't think they're going to feel like just because anybody wants this player or that player that it's going to make any difference.

On Mark Sanchez…

I'm looking at all of them. Especially after a draft, you always want to see what a guy looks like. This is the most real situation by far.

On if Leon Washington's contract situation will be resolved soon…

That's hard to say. You have to talk to Mike [Tannenbaum] about that because until they happen, they haven't happened.

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