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Wischusen's Point of View | Jets Observations Heading Into the 2021 Offseason

Jets Radio Play-by-Play Announcer Bob Wischusen Shares His Thoughts


Bob Wischusen has been the radio play-by-play voice of the New York Jets for 19 years. Throughout the season, Wischusen will shared thoughts about the Green & White in a weekly column.

Head Coach Search
With the Jets' head-coaching search officially underway, there are a couple of priorities for GM Joe Douglas in finding the next man to head the New York Jets. First and foremost, he wants to find a leader — a coach who is probably more of a CEO. This person will oversee both sides of the ball, be involved in all three phases of the game, including special teams. I think that overseer of sorts is important to run the team as a whole. Second— and just as important— wants to find a coach that is of like mind on who the future QB is. Whether Sam Darnold is going to be the leader of the offense or whether they're going to be looking for a QB in the draft, Douglas and the new coach have to be moving in the same direction.

Other Important Items
All of the attention on the New York Jets surrounds the headlines of the coaching search. Picking a new head coach is certainly an important decision for Douglas and the organization, but it is only part of the battle — and in my opinion — less than half of the battle. The bigger issue Douglas has going into the offseason is changing the roster. Getting more talent on this team, and certainly more depth at the most important positions are a priority. Coming out of the 2020 season, if there's one positive it's that it seems like Joe Douglas knows what he's looking in college players. This past Jets' draft class has to be the most impressive and successful draft in at least a decade — if not more. So, while getting a new head coach is important, for the Jets to win and sustain success, they have to change this roster. They need a large influx of talent. The team has a ton of draft capital, which will have a huge impact on the team the next few seasons.

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