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Where the Jets' Draft Picks Are Located

Just a quick hitter in the morning for you. The NFL on Wednesday released all teams' round-by-round selections in the April 25-26 draft. The Jets have six selections, with one choice in each round except for Round 5 and three picks in the first 76.

Keep in mind that the exact overall number of the selections from Round 4 on have not been determined yet due to compensatory selections. Compensatories, distributed from the end of Round 3 through the end of Round 7, are usually unveiled at the NFL annual meeting, which this year is set for March 22-25 at Dana Point, Calif.

Here is a list of the Jets' own selections plus the picks they've acquired and given up in trades:

 Round Rd. No. Ov. No. How Acquired
1 17 17 Own
2 20 52 Own
3 12 76 From NO in Jonathan Vilma trade
3 19 83 To GB in Brett Favre trade
4 15 ... From WAS in Pete Kendall trade
4 18 ... To NO in Vilma trade
5 17 ... To PHI in Lito Sheppard trade
6 20 ... Own
7 19 ... Own

Late Update: I've mentioned this in response to some recent comments, but let me repeat it here: The Jets' trade with New Orleans for Jonathan Vilma began last year when the Jets received the Saints' fourth-round pick in the '08 draft. This year they get the Saints' third-rounder and send back to NO their fourth-rounder. The fours were a wash. In effect the Jets received a third-round pick in the swap.

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