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What the Bills Are Saying Ahead of Facing the Jets on Sunday

Buffalo Has a 2-Game Lead Over the Green & White in the AFC East


The Jets defeated the Bills, 20-17, in a Week 9 game at MetLife Stadium. The Week 14 matchup at Highmark Stadium is likely to have an impact on the division and AFC playoff races.

Buffalo Head Coach Sean McDermott on Jets' defense: "They're a very talented defense. Everything goes through their front. They have a lot of talented players up front, and they roll them rather quickly with their rotation. Their back seven, you look at their linebackers, they're experienced players. [C.J.] Mosley does a good job inside in terms of running the defense and the operation. And the corners are talented. They've done a good of building that."

McDermott on CB Sauce Gardner: "He's as advertised. He's a high pick [No. 4 overall] in the draft a year ago and he's off to a great start."

McDermott on Bills' Loss in Week 9; and Jets' Coaches: "This is a team that beat us, and it was pretty convincing in how they beat us. It's a division game and we have to be ready to go.

"They play hard. I think Coach [Robert] Saleh's done a really good job, Coach [Mike] LaFleur as well. They're well-coached on special teams. I just think across the board, they're well-coached, they have a talented football team, they play hard. I think all those things really stand out when you watch the film."

McDermott on Jets' Offense and QB Mike White: "I think he's a good player. He can make throws. He's had success in this league in the small amount of starts he's had. I think the last two games, they're close to or exceeding 900 yards of offense, I mean that's impressive in itself. They have a lot of weapons on the offense. They're deep in the wide receiver group and they just roll them all. Their tight ends are active in the run and pass game and so are their backs and they have a very good screen game, so they're rolling on offense as well."

See the top photos from Wednesday's practice leading up to the Bills game.

Buffalo Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier on Mike White: "He just seems very confident in what he's doing and has a real good command of the offense and what the coaches are expecting, so we'll have our hands full trying to contain him and deal with some of the benefactors they have in their offense."

Frazier on WR Garrett Wilson: "He really stands out. He's a guy they're for sure targeting and getting the ball in his hands and he's making things happen. He's going to be a really good player. He is a good player. His future is very bright and we're going to have our hands full trying to contend with him. But he's a guy they're making a focal point within their offense."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey on the Challenge of Facing the Jets' Defense: "I think schematically for them, they do what they do and they do it very well. So, we've just got to figure out ways to attack a sound defense that plays fast and create matchups for us, and create ways to move the ball and get in the end zone. So, it's a great challenge for us on offense. They're really good over there. They find ways to create issues for you at all levels of the defense, whether it's the defensive front, the linebackers and then obviously the secondary."

Bills QB Josh Allen on Loss in Week 9: "Obviously last game [vs. the Jets], I didn't feel like I played very well. I made some boneheaded decisions, but learning from those and just trying to make good decisions, and end every drive in a kick, whether it be a punt, field goal, or a PAT."

Allen on Buffalo's Offense: "Establishing that run game is very beneficial, whether it's play action pass or just the thought of running, keeping defenses in check that way. But every game that you play is going to be a different situation and you have to adapt, and I think we're better equipped now to adapt."

Bills S Jordan Poyer on Mike White: "He's feeding the ball to a bunch of different guys, he's distributing the ball throughout the entire offense, he's making quick decisions, and it almost seems like the energy of the football team is a lot higher, playing at a higher level than previously."

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