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What Matt Forté Likes About Morton's Offense

Ten-Year Veteran RB Embracing Heavier Role in Passing Game


Jets running back Matt Forte is excited to play in new offensive coordinator John Morton's system.

"It's going to be good," Forté said following Tuesday's OTA practice. "I've been in a West Coast offense before many times. I had a lot of coordinators throughout my stint in the NFL. I love it because it's designed for a running back who can catch the ball out of the backfield and be versatile out there.

"This offense has a pretty fast pace to it. Johnny Mo knows exactly what he's doing out there. He's a great, intelligent coordinator, so I know he's going to put us in good positions to make the plays. You can have the most talented team you want to, but if guys don't get put in the right position to make plays and do what they do best on the field, then we're not going to score a lot of points."

The 31-year-old played in similar schemes under Mike Martz (2010-11) and Adam Gase (2015) in Chicago. In 40 total games, Forté recorded 147 receptions for 1,426 yards and seven touchdowns. The Tulane product's best receiving year came in 2014 as he racked up 808 yards and four scores on 102 catches. In 2016, the 6'2", 218-pounder only reeled in 30 receptions, but didn't see a lot of time on the field in passing situations.

"I think it'll be different from last year where I'll be used on third down," he said. "Even in two-back sets because obviously Bilal Powell catches the ball too. We can both be on the field at the same time and change it up personnel wise where we're getting the best matchups out there. In the game you can have a lot of talented guys, but it's about matchups too. I see a lot of versatility in this offense where you can put guys in different spots."

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