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What Josh McCown Thinks of Quarterback Reps

Veteran Signal Caller Trusting Coaches’ Plan, Supporting Hackenberg and Petty


Despite a limited number of reps in practice the past couple of days, quarterback Josh McCown is supportive of the division of labor at his position.

"I think it's just about spreading out the work," McCown said. "I took a lot of the work in the spring and Coach [Bowles], with every position all the time, wants to see different guys. I trust they have a plan that they're working by and I'm going to do my part wherever I'm at, so I don't take anything out of it.

"I just take my reps and then try to help and be supportive. I've been in this league awhile, so I think from an evaluation standpoint, to a certain degree, they understand where I'm at given the work that I've had. To allow the other two guys to get some work is the smart thing for us and I'm supporting whatever we decide."

Make no mistake, the 38-year-old wants to be starting under center Week 1 in Orchard Park. But for now, the 6'4", 218-pounder is focused on his role in the MetLife Bowl against the crosstown rival Giants.

"When you're a member of an organization, you trust that plan and I'm falling in line with that and support that no matter what," he said. "If that means go out and play three quarters Saturday night, I'll do that. If it means I'm going to play one or three series, whatever it is, I want to do that to the best I can.

"Then when I'm not in there, support those guys the best I can so their work is good and they feel confident about what they're doing. Since I got here, the ultimate goal for us as a position group is to make this position play at a high level. That's our plan so whatever I can do to help that, whether it's getting on the field or supporting those guys when they're in there, that's what I'm going to do."

McCown said he's been in similar situations throughout his 15-year career and will be ready if and when his number is called.

"I'd agree with that," he said about the significance of camp because of coordinator John Morton's new offense. "But I'm a vet and I do have experience to draw upon whereas the other guys are vastly younger. So I think it's important for those guys to get caught up to speed with these guys as well...I feel good with where I'm at and my expectation when the opportunity comes is to play at a high level no matter what the work has been." 

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