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Wednesday Player Interviews


Transcripts of selected interviews with Jets players during locker room media availability before Wednesday's midday practice:    


On Titans C Kevin Mawae...

He's a good center, real solid, very crafty. He's been doing this for a while. He knows how to play the game and he knows how to do little tricks to become more effective. I know that a lot of people look at it like he's starting to get towards the end of his career, but he's really not playing like it. He's playing like this maybe is his sixth or seventh year. He just looks like a solid seasoned veteran.

There is nothing really to discuss. During this week I am going to have to prepare and get ready to take everyone and the offensive line on.

On Mawae being crafty…

Crafty means if somebody starts learning technique that works to their style of play, to their body. For example, if somebody is quicker than a lot of other centers. Kevin is real quick and he might do some techniques that help maximize his quickness. It's doing unique things to maximize your potential.

On if he thinks he'll have an advantage over Mawae being in a 3-4…

I don't know. I've never played against him head-on. I know I've played against him before in a 4-3 so I didn't know how to. He didn't play the whole game, but when he did get in I had a little bit of a tough time dealing with him. It's kind of hard to deal with somebody sometimes when they get to tip you and they're as good in the season as he is. I don't know. I can't really predict what is going to happen, but we will see.


On getting ready for the Titans….

It's going to be big. We had one big test to go into New England and beat those guys. It was big for the team. We hope to accomplish the same type of thing when we go to Tennessee. They are the only undefeated team left in the game. This can do a lot for our team, our mentality, our everything. We are taking this game very seriously and we know what's at stake if we win. It can put us ahead of the pack.

On if he sees a different morale with the team now then he did in 2005…

Definitely, there is a lot more confidence, a lot more energy. It's a fun group, a young group. They are energetic. There is a lot of laughter and a lot of relaxation going on. It's a confidence but it's not a false confidence because people are relaxed. This is a confident group of guys and I like it. I think I fit in pretty well because I am a pretty confident guy myself [laughter]. I like everything so far and hopefully I can catch up to speed with these guys and be an asset to them.

On the Titans…

They have been very consistent, kind of reminiscent of some of the teams that I have been on. They are a balanced football team and they are going to attack you certain ways. They are going to keep it close and beat you at the end and beat you with defense.

We have to go out there and play ball, as far as the defense. We have to try to find ways to make turnovers because they don't make very many mistakes. We are going to have to play disciplined. If we do that, I think we have a good chance to come out with a victory.


On Brett Favre's personality…

It's good. Whenever your head guy, your leader, your quarterback is loose, you can go out there and have fun. It trickles down to everybody else, especially in tight moments, especially in the game last week.

We were up big, we let them come back and we tried to give it away, but he came out and performed well. He had one of the better games I have seen him play since he was here. He drove us down the field in two big key moments and got the victory for us. It's big for us.

On Titans RB Chris Johnson…

He's the type that can take the ball the distance every time. He is one of the fastest guys in the NFL, I think. You give him one carry, you give him a seam, he can go the distance. It makes their offense and run game a little more valuable.

On Titans TE Bo Scaife…

He has done a good job. They like to spread him out a little bit, use him like Tony Gonzalez a little bit. You put him in space and give him the ball. They are a ball-control offense. They want to run the ball, but when they don't, they want to get short completions, keep the chains moving, and those guys have been good.

On what it would mean to get a win against the Titans…

They are playing well. They are the only undefeated team in the league, so they have to be playing the best ball. It's another chance for us as another measuring-stick game. Right now every game is big. We are trying to get more and more momentum and go from there.

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