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Transition Game: Landry Takes the Field

Throughout our lives, we constantly go through transitions.

Some transitions are beneficial, while others rather seem to happen.

Yet all transitions are similar in the fact that they provide each individual a different outlook on whatever one might be searching for.

New York Jets safety LaRon Landry is currently undergoing a major transition himself. These days, the former top-10 draft selection is adjusting to a new organization, a new playbook, new coaches and an entire new set of teammates. Not an easy task for anyone, especially for someone who spent his first five seasons in the NFL with one team (Washington Redskins).

But for Landry, even with all the changes that have taken place recently in his life, his approach toward his job has remained even keel.

"I'm always optimistic," he said this morning following the Jets' second training camp practice. "I strive for perfection and give it all I got, 100 percent each and every day. I don't doubt myself. I don't compete with myself. It's all about getting better."

After missing the entire offseason recovering from an Achilles/heel injury that cut his 2011 season short, Landry was finally activated from the Jets' PUP list earlier this week, and he participated in a few plays this morning.

The 6'0", 220-pounder said he is keeping a positive attitude, although he currently is on a pitch count at practice.

"You've always got to stay in it," he said. "Even if you're on the sideline you have to be mentality into it and that's what I'm doing. I'm constantly in my playbook throughout the day or whenever I get time. I'm always asking questions to the veteran guys and even the rookies and all those guys working with me."

The former LSU standout stated he wasn't worried when the team placed him on the PUP list.

"That was the coaches' and trainers' decision," he said. "I knew I was going to be out there, so I wasn't concerned at all. I knew my health was going to be there."

If Landry can remain healthy, he looks to be a great addition to an upgraded secondary.

"As far as all of the safeties," he said, "they've welcomed me with open arms and helped me get through it, as far as learning the assignments and different calls."

And despite having seen Landry practice only a small amount, head coach Rex Ryan surely seems impressed, describing Landry's 4.3 speed as "phenomenal."

"If he stays healthy, that's a perennial Pro Bowl safety," Ryan said.

At the same time, Landry acknowledged his familiarity with Ryan's defenses as Landry's brother, Dawan, was a member of the Baltimore Ravens from 2006-08.

While training camp in Cortland continues through the early stages, one thing is certain: Landry's transition as a Jet appears promising.

"Each and every snap, each and every day I'm trying to send a message," he said. "I'm really not competing with myself, I'm just trying to earn my teammates' trust and let them know that I'm with them through thick and thin and I'm going to give it 100, all I got."

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