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Top Quotes: #JetsCamp

12 Sound Bites From Week One of Training Camp


B-Marsh to the Hall?"I think Brandon Marshall when it's all said and done is definitely going to be a Hall of Famer," said NFl Network analyst/HOF Michael Irvin. "Now what would help that be an easier journey for him is what he and I and Fitz and Decker were talking about — let's go get some playoff wins and hopefully get a Super Bowl ring. Then that solidifies it."

Enunwa Compared to NBA Great
"He's a jack of all trades," said Jets head coach Todd Bowles of Quincy Enunwa. "He's like the Dennis Rodman on our team. He gets the rebounds, he dives on the floor for loose balls, he does a bunch of things. He can be a wideout, he can be an H, he blocks, he catches, he runs deep, he runs short. He gives us some options on offense when he comes in the game as to how they play him to what we can do."

Maccagnan's Progress Report
"For where we want to be, we've made some improvements," said the second-year Jets GM. "But it's definitely a work in progress and we feel that we're heading in the right direction. But we're probably not at the point where ... we still know we have more work to do. And we really have a lot of football to play, to find out really where we're at."

Forté in Love
"I love it, just going through it in OTAs, seeing the leeway and the versatility you are able to have," Forté said of coordinator Chan Gailey's scheme. "Chan likes to motion running backs out of the backfield, run routes from the backfield, and that's what I'm used to. I think it'll be fun to see it when I practice."

The Dred-hawk
"I think it's pretty dope. I like to call it a dreaded Mohawk," said CB Buster Skrine of his 'do. " At first, I had a little mohawk or fohawk, and then it got a little higher. When I was in Cleveland I was like, 'man I'm not cutting my hair anymore,' so I just dreaded it instead. So now I got the dred-hawk.

The First INT of Camp
"Part of me said, 'Man, I wanted to get that pick,' " said rookie OLB Jordan Jenkins. "Next thing I know, I dived and I caught it. And I was about to stay there on the ground and I looked up and everybody started chasing and I said, 'I'm going to have to run.' "

Need for Speed
"I just want to get better at pass rushing. I had a lot of QB hits last year, but the stat I want to see is sacks," said DE Leonard Williams. "I have to get there that one second faster and that's what I've been working on — getting off the ball faster and getting off my blocker faster."

Preparing for the Marathon
"It's a lot longer than Ohio State for sure, especially practice-wise," said rookie ILB Darron Lee. "It's maybe not as hard, but it's sure longer so you've got to train yourself mentally for this. Physically you're ready for this, but you've just got to train the mental aspect. And I think that us rookies, we remind each other if anybody gets down on themselves: It's a marathon, not a sprint."

Jets Camp Top Snapshots

Fitz in Fine Form"I think he's looked really good, to be honest with you," said Decker of the veteran signal caller. "He's definitely throwing it like he was last year. I'm just impressed. It doesn't feel like we've missed any time from him being gone this offseason, which is nice. I'm excited about what this training camp is going to do for us."

The Quote Guy

"I'm a quote guy," said head coach Todd Bowles. "From the people I've learned from over the years, Einstein, Socrates, some just ex-football coaches that have played over the years that you've stumbled across. Some from baseball quotes, some from basketball, you just look and you learn and you see what applies to what you can fit and use it for."

Dee's Confidence

"Yes, I do," Milliner said when asked if he believes he will start opposite Darrelle Revis. All of us are competing. Everybody goes out there. We're all a brotherhood, all of us will pick each other up and try to stay together and work together."

Camera Shy?

"He's speechless," said Eric Decker of his newborn son during Sunday's media availibility.

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