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The Skinny: Buster Skrine

Jets DB Talks Personal Swag, Style and Competition


In his second year with the Jets, Buster Skrine is vying for a starting defensive back spot opposite Darrelle Revis. The Georgia boy doesn't shy away from competition, or from showing his swag factor.

*Q. How would you describe your hairstyle and do blondes really have more fun? *I think it's pretty dope. I like to call it a dreaded mohawk. At first, I had a little mohawk or fohawk, and then it got a little higher. When I was in Cleveland I was like, 'man I'm not cutting my hair anymore,' so I just dreaded it instead. So now I got the dred-hawk. I wouldn't really consider myself a blonde though.

Q. You're always looking pretty fresh in the style department. Did you feel like you had to step up your game when you came to NYC?
*I just have different style. I dress my own way. It's a little wild. You know what I'm saying? But I got swag behind it. I didn't need to step up my style game after coming to New York – I always had swag.

*Q. What's the story behind your nickname Buster? *My grandma. I'm from the South, so we get nicknames. My dad's real name is Darryl and so is mine, but really it's Butch and Buster. Everybody down south has a nickname, and that's all we go by.

*Q. It looks like you run with PF Flyers on all the time. How has running track in college helped you become a better football player? *I ran the 4 x 100 and the long jump. Being fast helps my game with recovery speed and stuff like that. It can get me out of trouble sometimes, and it helps me make plays on the ball. I've got a nice little stride on me, so a lot of times, I don't have to run as hard as the other guys too.

*Q. What's the hardest workout you've ever been through?
Probably in college. We did the 300-yard shuttle, four times. You had to run 25 yards up and down, until you equal 300 yards – we ran it five times and had like 50 something seconds to finish it – hardest workout ever. In the NFL, it's different, you have some hard workouts, but they are tailored for the younger guys and older guys together. You know it's hard if you're breathing really heavy and you're not even halfway through your workout.

*Q. How badly do you want to fill that second starting defensive back spot this season? *It's a competition right now, but I definitely want that spot. Marcus (Williams) led the team in interceptions, (Dee) Milliner is a former first-round pick. All of us get along. We are all good players and, I mean, we just battle it out in camp. We hang out on and off the field, so that's the type of group we are. 

Skrine's Got Game

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