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THE REX BOX: Double Chinstraps


We may be back at Florham Park but we're not going to pack up the Rex Box just yet. Rex was asked if there were any particular things he wants to see from rookie Mark Sanchez for his first pro start, against the Ravens on Monday night. As usual the coach took that ball and ran with it.

"Nothing specific. Just go out and play quarterback," Rex said, adding quickly, "and by the way, that other team is pretty good. They're going to be looking to hunt and to get after our quarterback, just like we'll be trying to get after their quarterback. It's going to be closer to regular-season tempo than any other preseason game in the league."

How so?

"I know how the Ravens play," the boss replied. "They're going to give us everything they've got. Did we game-plan 'em? No. I bet they're game-planning us. That's just the way John [Harbaugh] and Cam [Cameron] are. But that doesn't matter. It's more about you put 11 against 11 and let's see what happens."

From QBs he went to his team, which is what the Jets' and Ravens' approach is in any event.

"This is an attitude game because Baltimore is a physical football team," Rex said. "Baltimore, Pittsburgh and the Giants probably are as physical as any teams in the league. That's what we want to be. We want to be that tough, physical team that won't back down from anybody. That's why I think our team is going to come out and play that way.

"We know it's going to be a double-chinstrap game. Here it comes. Let's see what happens."

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