The Official Jets Podcast Recap: Matthias Farley

Bart Scott Previews Jets vs. Patriots in Week 17


Jets S Matthias Farley joined this week's edition of The Official Jets Podcast powered by AWS and discussed why he's active in the community, the Jets' social justice team the Jets put together, playing the ukulele, style and more. Bart Scott also joined to preview Jets-Patriots in Week 17. Podcast highlights include:

  • 2:04 – Why being active in the community is important.
  • 3:16 – The Jets' social justice team and how he became a part of it.
  • 12:31 – How he started playing the ukulele.
  • 14:25 – Where his love of travel began.
  • 17:55 – His style and who has the best style on the team.
  • 28:13 – Jets-Patriots preview with Bart Scott.

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