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The Jets Want YOU to Have a Good Day

7 Ways to Turn That Work Frown Upside Down


Today we celebrate the 90,000 hours an average person will spend at work over their lifetime with National Have Fun at Work Day. That may seem like a whole lot of hours (and a made up holiday) but when you have fun doing what you do, it only really feels like 75,000 hours, 80,000 tops.

1. Establish a Work Squad

Not only does making friends at work make the day more fun, but now you'll finally be able to use all those cool hash tags on social media. #NoFlyZone #SquadGoals  #WorkBesties #FriendshipOnFleek #WorkLife #Blessed

#NoFlyZone ✈️

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2. Share a Joke

Example: Why can't you play checkers in Africa?

Too many cheetahs.


3. Invent a Secret Handshake

2-finger handshakes ✌️

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4. Go About Your Day With Unbridled Enthusiasm


5. Party Like it's Your Birthday

6. Try Not to Take Yourself So Seriously


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7. Take Time to Get to Know Your Co-workers

Also important to keep in mind: boundaries.


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