The Jets Want YOU to Have a Good Day


Today we celebrate the 90,000 hours an average person will spend at work over their lifetime with National Have Fun at Work Day. That may seem like a whole lot of hours (and a made up holiday) but when you have fun doing what you do, it only really feels like 75,000 hours, 80,000 tops.

1. Establish a Work Squad

Not only does making friends at work make the day more fun, but now you'll finally be able to use all those cool hash tags on social media. #NoFlyZone #SquadGoals  #WorkBesties #FriendshipOnFleek #WorkLife #Blessed

#NoFlyZone ✈️

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2. Share a Joke

Example: Why can't you play checkers in Africa?

Too many cheetahs.

3. Invent a Secret Handshake

2-finger handshakes ✌️

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4. Go About Your Day With Unbridled Enthusiasm

5. Party Like it's Your Birthday

6. Try Not to Take Yourself So Seriously


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7. Take Time to Get to Know Your Co-workers

Also important to keep in mind: boundaries.

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